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Re: [z_scale] A solution to our collective problem ;-))

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  • Helmut Paule
    ... From: CH Bahn To: Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2001 11:47 AM Subject: [z_scale] A solution to our collective
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      From: CH Bahn <chbahn@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2001 11:47 AM
      Subject: [z_scale] A solution to our collective problem ;-))

      Hi Bill, Mr. NANO,

      "Z" Scale is around in Z years 5940 +/- 220

      so dont attempt to change and start at Year ZERO ! -:)

      It may takes twice as long to get the Nano known !!!

      I think Mr.Dangerfield has it in his Name "Danger"

      just kidding....................

      "Z" Greetings Helmut

      PS: had a "Best in Show" here in Florida, got some Respect !

      > Hi Gang,
      > As has been mentioned on this group before...Like the comedian Rodney
      > Dangerfield, "we (as Z-Scalers) get no respect...no respect at all".
      > Well, I can come up with a solution to that problem. I suggest we
      > change the name from Z Scale to...NANO-SCALE. Consider for a minute
      > the tremendous advantages of doing this.
      > 1) Rather then telling your wife you are going to a Z scale train show,
      > you can say that you are going to a NANO-TRANSPORTATION EXHIBITION
      > (Impressive right?)
      > 2) When filling out a job application under "other interest" you can
      > 3) You will no longer order Z scale parts, rather you will procure
      > 4) You will no longer tell your neighbors that you are "building a Z
      > scale layout", you will tell them that you engaging in
      > 5) In addition you will be able to use terms like, NANOTECHNOLOGY
      > MEETING, NANOTECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE (this for the national meeting), you
      > can refer to yourself as a NANOTECHNOLOGIST, your can talk about
      > the Z scale train show in Germany you can try deducting it on your
      > income tax form by saying you attended the NANOTECHNOLOGY EXPOSITION
      > in Goppingen, a Z scale club officer can be a NANOTECHNOLOGY
      > TRANSPORTATION OFFICIAL, the possibilities are endless.
      > I have no doubts that this will not only bring us respect...but
      > Industrial Strength Respect we deserve.
      > Bill
      > (Executive Director of Nanotechnology development for the
      > Mittenwald-Innsbruck Railway)--see what I mean?
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