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Fw: [z_scale] Locomotive current demands

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  • Steve Thomas
    Sorry, didn t mean to sound dismissive. Perhaps I ve just been lucky. Yes, I ve had a few that wouldn t run and fortunately got the power off in time for
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 6, 1999
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      Sorry, didn't mean to sound dismissive. Perhaps I've just been lucky. Yes,
      I've had a few that wouldn't run and fortunately got the power off in time
      for them to be cleaned out - but this was the "old oil" problem. I think
      maybe the composition of Marklin's oil has changed over the years because
      it doesn't seem to happen so much now.

      I don't usually run a new loco without a dab of oil, but the exceptions are
      cases where M. has definitely oiled it at the factory - one has to check
      these days I'm afraid.

      My point (er, I think) was that once attended to properly, they will run
      hot, but this (up to a point) is ok. Does it make me nervous - of course,
      but some N scale makes are even worse for heat. We have an N scale
      manufacturer called Graham Farish (very good too - for N :-) whose old
      3-pole motors regularly ran far too hot to touch after about 5 mins.

      Anyway, I've survived so far without an "incident", but perhaps I'm due one
      - but please, not the grey Insider 2-10-0......

      Happy Rails


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      > Subject: Re: [z_scale] Locomotive current demands
      > Date: 06 July 1999 04:04
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      > Steve:
      > > I do admit though that Z locos get quite hot when run over longish
      > > Having said that, this I assume is catered for in their design as I've
      > > never had one stop or burn out due to overheating.
      > You've had better luck that we have. I have not one, but two, Marklin
      > steamers that striped their worm gear to pieces, due to the "assumption"

      > they were properly lubricated from the factory. They were both brand
      > How dumb can I get? And it only took a few minutes of running to do it.
      > A lot of z locomotives which have been stored for many years (and the oil

      > turned to concrete) have overheated and burned up. Locos with bad
      > can eat the commutators in the motors. Grime in the gearbox can be just
      > fatal. All of these conditions tend to cause the locos to draw more than

      > normal current.
      > There are some really nice folks in Florida, who spend 30 hours a week
      > digging junk out of locos (for others). I would bet that they would be
      > first to agree that 10 year old oil is as bad as, or worse, than no oil
      > all.
      > I'd be the first to agree, that with PROPER maintenance, Marklin and
      > MicroTrains locomotives will last forever. The concern we have for
      > (and our guest runners), is that someone will put a poorly
      > lubricated/maintained loco on the track, and watch it die before their
      > Or make the same "assumption" I did.
      > Hence, the desire to compare notes with others to see if a check of
      > demands can be used as a "quick check" before its too late.
      > Regards
      > Bill Kronenberger
      > Houston
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