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  • Steve Thomas
    Hello Z Scalers - Thank you for welcoming me, and here s a brief intro... I ve been collecting and operating Marklin HO since 1985, and Z Gauge since 1988.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 1999
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      Hello Z Scalers -

      Thank you for welcoming me, and here's a brief intro...

      I've been collecting and operating Marklin HO since 1985, and Z Gauge since
      1988. With Z, it was dissatisfaction with the proportions of N Scale, and
      just sheer fascination, that led me to start. Additionally, unlike in HO,
      Marklin Z has hardly changed its standards - that is, become more flashy
      and hi-tech etc etc - since the early sets, though there have been one or
      two improvements like the Br89 revised chassis etc.

      The kind of info I'll always welcome is anything which will make the models
      easier to operate - they are a little fussy and the uncoupler-technique has
      to be learnt, anything on unusual models, and anything on layout plans, as
      I'm currently planning a new Z layout. I'm very fond of the Riley O'Connor
      book which I expect you all know about, especially if you're based in the

      For myself in general, I'm 49 and currently work as a freelance consultant
      in software testing. I live in a village called Chinnor about 25miles from
      Oxford, and apart from trains, my other main enthusiasms are music (all
      sorts - although I play rock guitar, I play classical cds all the time),
      history, and general reading.

      My Z scale ambitions:

      - Design, build, install and most of all operate a new z scale layout
      - Get hold again of some of the z scale models I used own in the past
      (eg. the beautiful NYC black mikado, and some of the discontinued sets)
      - Get hold of a couple of those new Railex Br212 (?) diesels

      I'm on a couple of other mailing lists - the Marklin Mailing list (MML) and
      another z gauge list where the messages are most often in German - I can't
      really remember anything useful I've read there at all.

      So all the best from me and I look forward to your mails.

      Happy Rails

      Steve Thomas
      Oxfordshire, UK.

      "To be free, to be who you are"

      > From: z_scale-owner@onelist.com
      > To: steve.thomas2@...
      > Subject: [z_scale] Welcome to z_scale@onelist.com
      > Date: 29 June 1999 21:46
      > Welcome Fellow Z Scale Enthusiast,
      > Feel free to ask questions of the list, share Z scale commentary and
      attachments (i.e. layout photos, web links, etc.)and generally contribute
      to sharing information with our small but dynamic Z Scale community! Please
      be courteous at all times and do not FLAME!
      > If you like, please take a moment to introduce yourself and let us kow
      about your Z Scale interests. If you know of an interesting Z Scale event
      or where Z Scale will be present, please share the dates with us and if you
      attend, update the list with your observations.
      > Thanks for joining and Enjoy,
      > The List Owner
      > Jeffrey R. MacHan
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