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Re: Big E Train Show-Amherst,MA

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  • mompey
    Thanks for the review Cliff & Vicki, any chance of some pictures? Thanks Mike.. ... arrived ... were ... the ... early ... passenger ... for ... Central ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2009
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      Thanks for the review Cliff & Vicki, any chance of some pictures?


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      > The Amherst show was a success once again this year. We had a great
      > time but were the only Z-scale layout on display. Vicki and I
      > on Thursday to get a jumpstart on setup and were glad we did. We
      > in a new location this year and there was a lot of confusion over
      > dimensions of the space. After getting everything worked out we set
      > up and leveled the layouts, finishing up around 9pm. We arrived
      > on Friday only to find that we'd setup the modules 21 inches in the
      > wrong direction... which didn't leave enough room for the layouts
      > that hadn't arrived yet. Thank you Quaboag Valley HO group for
      > bringing 10 members of your club over to help move our layout. We
      > then spent another hour or so re-leveling the layout, once again, to
      > compensate for the unusual uneveness of the floor.
      > On Saturday, we arrived early and started the show with a GP35
      > pulling a relatively long freight, which ran for the whole morning
      > without any trouble. We also setup one of the Japanese ProZ
      > trains running on the outside line. The ProZ train, which was new
      > us this year, seems to be one of the best running trains I've seen
      > and ran perfectly throughout the show on our standard DC line.
      > On the end table we had a small Japanese ProZ layout which was new
      > last year from Japan. People seemed pretty impressed with it and if
      > we'd had four or five could probably have sold them on the spot.
      > The module's looked good this year. John brought his new end unit
      > which he redid to include an interesting separate line so that he
      > would be able to run his trains independently. Pierre's module,
      > modeling midtown NY, was impressive as always. People seemed to love
      > the buildings and inquired frequently as to where they could buy
      > some. Elliott also spruced up his module after suffering a blight
      > which killed all his trees.... now replaced with a quite excellent
      > lawn. Thank you Elliott.
      > The trains ran quite well this year. Elliott's new AZL E8s ran very
      > smootly over the whole layout. His Alco did not fair as well over
      > some of the switches and expansion tracks joining the modules, but
      > both of his freights ran steadily. Vicki's GP9 pulled her freight
      > cars very slowly and steadily for eight hours during the day on the
      > interior track of her Amish layout. Pierre had several new Marklin
      > trains running, and Micheal ran his one of a kind, scratch built New
      > York Central Hudson locomotive and his one of a kind New York
      > GP35. John ran his large collection of Marklin equipment on any
      > available.
      > My modules were not much changed from last year, except for some new
      > Micro Train switches and scenery additions. I was finally able to
      > my Digitrax DCC working correctly and ran two separate trains on my
      > inside layout. The DCC equipped GP9s ran perfectly in consist, with
      > only a few uncoupling incidents during their ascent of the helix.
      > At one point the club had six separate trains running which looked
      > pretty impressive as everywhere you looked something was moving.
      > trains were powered by Microtrains GP35/GP9s, one train by Marklin,
      > and one powered by an AZL engine. We also had the Japanese ProZ on
      > the end layout running. We had a good crowd at this time and were at
      > our best showing of the day.
      > Not too many vendors with Z this year, which was disappointing. We
      > found only three selling trains, mostly Marklin, and no bargains. As
      > for scenery, our friend Russ Kaufman, from Nansen Street Models was
      > there along with a few others selling some Z houses and other
      > stuff. Russ showed us some new trees which were pretty nice and
      > and Michael will have them on their layouts at the NMRA show in
      > Micro Trains also had a small booth and Eric Smith stopped over to
      > see our setup and say hello.
      > All and all things went well and we're looking forward to the next
      > setup at the NMRA show in July. Hope to see you all there.
      > Cliff & Vicki
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