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Re: ZJ gauge trains any one have english tranlation of japanese writting

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  • Garth Hamilton
    What sort of box did the 485 come in? Or what colours are the cars? What type of couplers are on them? There is peg in a hole and both pieces swivel. There is
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      What sort of box did the 485 come in? Or what colours are the cars?
      What type of couplers are on them?

      There is peg in a hole and both pieces swivel. There is knife blade
      in a pie shaped hole with the point cut off and there is dummy
      knuckles and they al swivel.

      All the 485's run on 10vdc just like any other Z-scale engine.

      The decal sheet is actually a peel and stick sheet which you have to
      cut out with a razor or exacto knife the head marks that you want to
      go in the square on the front of the train and rear of the train.
      Some are for name trains with logos and others are just detination
      boards with Japanese Charactres on them. The peel and stick sheets
      only came with the version 3 sets which means you have a set that is
      orange with a red stripe down the side of the car where the windows
      are located and comes in a video cassette box that has an orange and
      red label and the couplers are pin in a hole type and there is one
      spare set included in a pocket at the top of the box. The set has 6
      cars two with dual pantographs and only one is powered. There are two
      head end cars with driving cabs then two cars without pantographs. I
      think the parts you refer to as being metal are actually silver
      coloured plastic and they are the radio antenna that goes in the
      rectangular hole at the rear of the driving cab and when placed
      properly looks like a finger pointing to the rear of the train. The
      other piece is overhead headlight the goes through a round hole in
      center of roof of the driving cab just above the center post of the
      windshield and placed into the hole in the roof it has to fit into
      another hole in the floor of the cab. A very small bit of plastic
      cement will keep them in place. I mean small just the drop from a pin
      head is all that is needed. There are two of each type of part one
      set fro each driving car cab roof.

      I have no idea what you are referring to when you say bridge down
      loaded program.

      The cars run better on their original couplers than on MTL couplers
      and they are not very easy to convert over to MTL's. The overhang
      over the end of the trucks and car length make body mounting
      problematic on curves and fatal on reverse curves.

      The power car needs to be placed in No 2 position so you are pushing
      one head end car and pulling the rest of the train. The couplings
      work best with the pin on then end of the car going forward or being
      pulled and the loop at the trailing end or facing the rear fo the


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "thomasc600" <thomasc600@...> wrote:
      > Aquired set from a friend does any one have price of transformer
      > voltage operates at. Also how much is the bridge down loaded
      > translaye but seems only does 40% any help about the train. Were
      > the decals for and what the metal peices comes with spare couplers
      > train model is ZJ-485are they easy transfer to mtl couplers
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