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Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Ztrains.com: The Brief Rant

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  • Loren
    John, So, you can be serious once in a while.......me too, but it is more fun to keep the masses off balance and thinking I m bonkers....maybe I am, but I can
    Message 1 of 39 , Sep 5, 2008
      So, you can be serious once in a while.......me too, but it is more fun to
      keep the masses off balance and thinking I'm bonkers....maybe I am, but I
      can still lay flex track with the best of them so I figure I have something
      to offer too.

      You said a mouthful and your thoughts are very valid. I echo everything you
      said about talking to the public, and "showing" the flag.
      I think there are three main aspects to Z scale.

      First is building........so much fun, keeps us off the streets and at least
      the wives know where to find us late at night.
      Second is showing........need we say more? Showing is the absolute best of
      both worlds, as we saw Lajos and Don prove during NTS.
      Third, and least IMHO is collecting. Collecting is fun for some, can be
      expensive, but a boost to my retirement plan :o) and it helps use up all the
      cardboard storage boxes lying around the house and also helps stores sell
      display cabinets.

      I had begun collecting MTL and then one day Joe D'Amato said something about
      running the kind of stuff we actually see around Southern Oregon. Made me
      think, "yeah, sure, why not?". Saves me money and wall space. So now I am
      holding out for the cars I really want that I see around here. Trouble is,
      most are beat up, painted up and rusted up. Guess that means I'll be
      stripping some of my unsold MTL stock and doing some custom work. The
      vision of Robert Ray's wonderfully rusted up box car keeps dancing through
      my head. To me, graffiti and rust is for real.

      On a side note, there are now sites on the internet that cater to graffiti
      artists.........who would have thought?

      As far as MRR is concerned, change takes time. Revolutions don't start
      overnight and storming the palace has it's downside too.
      I think that someday when you and I are too old to see rail joiners MRR will
      begin to acknowledge what you and I have known for some time now......Z is
      where it is at in many respects.

      There are those who feel that modelers like HO scalers for instance, who
      like to run trains in real time with orders, etc. are not interested in
      small trains that the detail can not be seen. That may be so, but many,
      myself included are not interested in real time train operations. There are
      those who like to see how many times they can make it around without falling
      off.........that's me.
      I just love to see trains travel through vast areas of scenery, and boy,
      does Z scale ever let you do that, and in a much smaller space.

      Just imagine what it will look like when someone does build a huge empire in
      Z scale. By the time the train goes around once, the dinner will be

      Let MRR be MRR......we know where the fun is at.

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      >> Ell,
      >> You and Jim Glass said it well. We'll let a sleeping dog continue to
      >> sleep.
      >> Loren
      > Loren, I'm disappointed in you...I took you more for the "let a sleeping
      > dog sleep only until the firecracker under its butt went off" type...like
      > me :)
      > But slightly more seriously...
      > IMHO, keep the pressure on MRR, NMRA, and all the other bigots within
      > their ranks. My personal interest is in seeing Z grow, and the best way to
      > do that is by exposing the great unwashed masses to what can and *IS* done
      > with Z, that Z is viable and thriving. In order to get manufacturers we
      > have to have consumers. It's not a chicken-and-egg situation; consumers
      > have to come first.
      > That is why, for me at least, I enjoy going to shows and having the
      > modules. Personally, I'm actually a fairly quiet, keep-to-myself kinda
      > person, but I LOVE talking about Z to the public, showing off everyones
      > modules and models, and seeing the wonder in their eyes. Giving them new
      > discoveries in life...I love to see the wide-eyed fascination, the
      > wonderment, and the dreams and stories that pass across their faces.
      > The fact that Z has been cleaning up at the shows both on the
      > technical/achievement front, and on the crowd entertainment front,
      > *SHOULD* be a huge wake-up to the leviathons that Z is here. But it
      > doesn't. Why? Why are the 'established' scales so strongly partial (that's
      > ok) and intolerant (NOT ok) of Z? As with so many things, blind zealotry
      > can only be confronted head-on, in the open. MRR is probably THE most
      > widely read and known model railroading publication, and therefore
      > considered by many to be the defacto "knowledgable voice" on model
      > railroading. On more than one occassion I've heard from Z'er and non-Z'ers
      > alike, "But MRR doesn't cover Z." That automatically puts it in their head
      > that Z isn't for real.
      > As much as I like Rob and Z-Track, and the INCREDIBLE efforts of both to
      > promote Z, it doesn't have the reach, reputation, and brand recognition
      > that MRR does, deservedly or not. That is why we cannot ignore MRR.
      > Stowing my soapbox,
      > John
      > I'm not an activist, I only play one on the Internet
    • de Champeaux Dominique
      That s exactly what I m doing. Dom
      Message 39 of 39 , Sep 8, 2008
        That's exactly what I'm doing. <wink>

        >Good point Zane,
        >Here's an idea, let's buy MRR for the pictures and "how tos" and then go >do
        >it in Z scale.
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