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Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Ztrains.com: The Brief Rant

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  • John Duino
    ... Loren, I m disappointed in you...I took you more for the let a sleeping dog sleep only until the firecracker under its butt went off type...like me :)
    Message 1 of 39 , Sep 5 10:22 AM
      > Ell,
      > You and Jim Glass said it well. We'll let a sleeping dog continue to
      > sleep.
      > Loren

      Loren, I'm disappointed in you...I took you more for the "let a sleeping
      dog sleep only until the firecracker under its butt went off" type...like
      me :)

      But slightly more seriously...

      IMHO, keep the pressure on MRR, NMRA, and all the other bigots within
      their ranks. My personal interest is in seeing Z grow, and the best way to
      do that is by exposing the great unwashed masses to what can and *IS* done
      with Z, that Z is viable and thriving. In order to get manufacturers we
      have to have consumers. It's not a chicken-and-egg situation; consumers
      have to come first.

      That is why, for me at least, I enjoy going to shows and having the
      modules. Personally, I'm actually a fairly quiet, keep-to-myself kinda
      person, but I LOVE talking about Z to the public, showing off everyones
      modules and models, and seeing the wonder in their eyes. Giving them new
      discoveries in life...I love to see the wide-eyed fascination, the
      wonderment, and the dreams and stories that pass across their faces.

      The fact that Z has been cleaning up at the shows both on the
      technical/achievement front, and on the crowd entertainment front,
      *SHOULD* be a huge wake-up to the leviathons that Z is here. But it
      doesn't. Why? Why are the 'established' scales so strongly partial (that's
      ok) and intolerant (NOT ok) of Z? As with so many things, blind zealotry
      can only be confronted head-on, in the open. MRR is probably THE most
      widely read and known model railroading publication, and therefore
      considered by many to be the defacto "knowledgable voice" on model
      railroading. On more than one occassion I've heard from Z'er and non-Z'ers
      alike, "But MRR doesn't cover Z." That automatically puts it in their head
      that Z isn't for real.

      As much as I like Rob and Z-Track, and the INCREDIBLE efforts of both to
      promote Z, it doesn't have the reach, reputation, and brand recognition
      that MRR does, deservedly or not. That is why we cannot ignore MRR.

      Stowing my soapbox,


      I'm not an activist, I only play one on the Internet
    • de Champeaux Dominique
      That s exactly what I m doing. Dom
      Message 39 of 39 , Sep 8 3:27 AM
        That's exactly what I'm doing. <wink>

        >Good point Zane,
        >Here's an idea, let's buy MRR for the pictures and "how tos" and then go >do
        >it in Z scale.
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