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Re: DCC Layout In Z

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  • Don A
    Something you might consider even though you are done with switches is to add two more between the parallel track areas. Two lefts or two rights. This way
    Message 1 of 14 , Apr 27, 2008
      Something you might consider even though you are "done with switches"
      is to add two more between the parallel track areas. Two lefts or two
      rights. This way you can run the train in EITHER direction and change
      the direction "on the fly". This is really nice if you are running DCC.


      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Mark Edwards" <mrex@...> wrote:
      > Very Interesting!
      > Thank you all for the replies, I've been reading and thinking for the
      > last week, and I also acted.
      > I've bought 2 beautiful MTL diesels, a GP 35 and a GP 9, and I'm
      > having Marklin couplers installed on them. I've been advised they
      > will take Digitrax Z123M0 decoders with only a bit of work.
      > I've decided on a basic track plan which looks very boring and very
      > Marklin, but it will work really well for software testing:
      > http://users.rcn.com/mrex/nakedmarklin/images/Dueling-in-Z2.jpg
      > I think I'm going to go with the circuit track and use grounding by
      > mechanical action.
      > Marklin circuit track seems to be a miniaturized version of their
      > classic M switch track, which is prone to failure from dirt and stress
      > over time. But for the short term, the work involved is far less than
      > current detection with all the additional power wiring.
      > Unless I've missed something?
      > As far as I know, if I use current detection, I will have to isolate
      > all sensor tracks and feed rail power into the feedback decoder. I'll
      > also have to feed rail power into all the sections between the sensor
      > tracks. And I'll have to use resistor wheelsets for all cars, if I
      > want the computer to "see" them.
      > For IR, I'll have to buy or build sensors, and then install and wire
      > them, as well as hooking up a traditional gound detection network. I
      > won't have to modify any rolling stock. But power draw will go up.
      > As for reed switches, I'm done with them. I ran an HO layout using a
      > combination of Marklin M Track contact track, switch track and reed
      > switches. Of all three sensor types, the reed switches were the most
      > unreliable, and modifying my locs and cars with magnets was a real pain.
      > Shaving down the toggles in the M circuit track isn't a problem, its
      > just work. Since the layout isn't going to be a Museum Piece, I can
      > always remove, service and replace the circuit sections. And while
      > the idea of tapping screw holes and threading screws in the bottom of
      > the cars is probably sacraligious to most readers here, I think it
      > will work.
      > Okay, enough for now. I'm also going through the research process on
      > Decoders, again the Digitrax is supposed to be an "almost" drop-in
      > decoder. I like ESU, and I am looking at their LokPilot micro (52686).
      > I'll post again when I've decided upon decoders, and thanks again for
      > all your replies, let me know what you think.
      > -- Mark The Newb
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