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RE: [Z_Scale] Other things and tugs

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  • Melissa Cull
    Hi Fred, I ve been really busy with work, ill health as usual, coursework and a nice landslide in the garden as neighbours fence wasn t put up right and caused
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 20, 2008
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      Hi Fred,

      I've been really busy with work, ill health as usual, coursework and a nice
      landslide in the garden as neighbours fence wasn't put up right and caused
      his garden to burst into ours destroying our fence.... and also in midst of
      building the Grassinators people on the list wanted so haven't had much web
      time. As the dozen Grassinators are nearing completion (3/4 completed and
      hopefully will all be fully wired for zapping grass this afternoon, just
      some gluing to finish them when it's dry outside as I'm allergic to
      chemicals I have to glue outside unless waterbased) I can get more web time.

      Like Chad does his cable assemblies in his spare time because he enjoys
      doing them, I'm doing the Grassinators in the same way to help others and
      just cover the cost of my own Grassinator.

      Not everyone is a whizz with words and language on email and often people
      say things that if they'd read before clicking send they wouldn't have - my
      manager at work is a prime example, lucky if you get more than a sentence
      out of his emails and they are often so blunt you wonder why you bother but
      to hom they get the job done..... I think we all do it sometimes, I know I

      I do very much like your photos of the finished detailed tugs. Very
      inspirational. I always get lost in the folders of photos maybe others do
      too? I've not put any photos up yet of any of my Z scale work as still in
      midst of gathering parts together and building.

      Perhaps if you repost them it will prompt people to take a look???

      Kind RegardZ

      Melissa Cull

      I was checking the back messages and noticed 3 messages I sent
      concerning tug boats were missing--After Mellissa mentioned the tugs I
      thought you all would like to SEE some finished up. I posted 5 pictures
      under zeagle--- NO responses--I think Juerg also made a comment on how
      infrequent comments were made of his fotos recently.
      One tug picture remains. Just wondering what is going on with this
      group- it appears with comments like JOHNNIES that there is an edge
      here and with some posts deleted- why- ( I deleted 2 only due to
      misposting- and found they were on the daily message board) who can
      figure?? the third was deleted by someone else??? This is discouraging
      and possibly why this group appears to be winding down.
      I have done work with Chad and, though he is a buzzy guy, completed the
      project with flying colors.

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