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A Group Apology to Jim O'Connell

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  • Michael
    In a poorly worded response to a message I posted; concerning the three major Z scale boards, I have inadvertenly implied that an Admin/Moderator of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2008
      In a poorly worded response to a message I posted; concerning the
      three major Z scale boards, I have inadvertenly implied that an
      Admin/Moderator of ZCentralStation to be Gestapo re: Censor.

      This was not my intent at all, I have apologized and my apology was
      accepted. For the record and to all other readers my explanation can
      be found in the message sent to Jim. I am sincerely regretful to have
      caused such a misunderstanding.

      I'm feeling pretty bad on how all this turned out. In no way shape,
      form or fashion did I ever intend to insult you. That being said, if
      you think others may have also mistaken my remarks, I would be more
      than obligated to write a formal apology and post to the group at

      Seriously, I would have responded to you sooner had I checked the
      yahoo mail more frequently. I only looked there today to send a prank
      email for April Fools day.

      This all started with a post by Jurg and he felt that the Yahoo
      forum was down to chit chat and in the reply to him I said I kind of
      liked the chit chat mixed in with the discussion and it's why I liked
      that group.

      Going on further I said what I thought about all three boards if you
      look back at that post.

      I don't want to post this information in the forum since it may give
      other C.E.O.'s a bright idea. You can see what I'm talking about by
      going to (edit/deleted)dot com and see for yourself. This machine
      (edited: a firewall/web filtering device i.e.'the Gestapo' <That I
      was referring to>) is really really good at blocking 100% of all the
      sites you'd expect it to block and it goes even further and blocks
      another 50% of sites that are harmless but not necessarily business

      Yahoo slides by because it's yahoo (email) it is only a matter of
      time before this machine learns trainboard dot com then that site is
      history too. At least during work hours. I have no problem at all at
      home getting to any of the boards, then again I spend most of my time
      on the computer from 8Am to 9Am.

      (edit: comment off/topic) But leaving you feeling insulted as the
      Administrator of ZCentralStation (which I did not know before today)
      was not my intention at all.

      You won't remember me as it was a couple of years ago when I was
      getting started in Z that I received some exceptional advice from you
      about layouts along with David K. Smith. I think very highly of you
      and the help you've extended to others myself included, along with
      any chit chat to lighten things up a bit.

      Let me know what you think is fair and I will do my best to correct
      this misunderstanding. I am user NJTransit at your site and
      Trainboard. I am also zscaletrainz at Yahoo.

      This is my proper email address and I don't hide it at any of the
      sites. For the most part I stand behind my remarks, in this instance
      I stand corrected.

      With Highest Regards Jim,
      Mike D.
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