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Re: [Z_Scale] Loren - - - Re: Ebay seller fees going up - AGAIN & a Note....

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  • Loren
    Bill, I understand the concept better now that you explained it a bit. I guess that is why we do things the way we do huh. I would like to propose the Snyder
    Message 1 of 21 , Feb 2, 2008
      I understand the concept better now that you explained it a bit. I guess
      that is why we do things the way we do huh.

      I would like to propose the Snyder model......and everyone can also adopt
      this model and adapt it to their own last name. It should work equally as
      well for any one of us. Of course the trick is to find stupid people to
      believe you........here's the Snyder model, and it is so simple you will ask
      yourself "now why didn't I think of that in the first place?"

      First off, keep your entry way swept and free from dirt and litter.
      Secondly, place a new welcome mat out front and make sure the entrance to
      your house is protected from the weather.
      Third, make sure you have a woking door bell and a very pleasant sounding
      Fourth, be prompt to answer the door when you hear the bell.

      Here's how it works.....in theory. When the kind folks come to your door
      and ring the bell, you immediately go to the door and open it quickly and
      smile and say in a very cheerful tone of voice......"welcome"

      Now this is the tricky part and I'm not sure everyone who comes to your door
      will always be willing to buy into this scheme, but if enough do, then you
      are set for life.

      The visistor is then supposed to reach forward, place cash in your hand and
      say..."hear I don't want this or need this.....I thought you'd like to have

      It doesn't matter if all folks participate or not, just a few a day will
      definitely enhance your living experience.

      Now doesn't that sound like a good model?

      Ok, enough sick humor. I was just trying to catch a deep breath in all this

      Let me say in a serious tone that all dealers, manufacturers and interested
      parties all wish this whole buying and selling issue were easier and fairer
      to all. But, since it isn't, we all must strive to keep this hobby fun,
      enlightening, growing and in a good light for the rest of the world to see.

      Go find time to work on your modules, design something new, solve a train
      problem or just sit there and admire your trains while sipping on your
      favorite beverage and munching pop corn, or whatever you munch on a Saturday

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      Subject: [Z_Scale] Loren - - - Re: Ebay seller fees going up - AGAIN & a

      >A note from me, Michael, It's apparently my job is to say something and let
      >Bill do so as well. Bill, you must be a relitivly new member because you
      >are on moderated staus. All new members are moderated first to pevent spam
      >to the list, 2 to make sure they have a sincere intrest in Z and not just
      >out for other than spam reasons, but related (e.g. e-mail address
      >harvesting). I have no desire to step on free Z speach, just keep it
      >courtius to all. BTW, none of the moderators of this group are paid, it's
      >all volunteer for the love of Z Scale & to protect our members.
      > Michael, and back to Bill:
      > Hi Loren,
      > I knew that post was going to come back and haunt me as soon as I sent it.
      > In the classic explanation of the Hong Kong model, the example is
      > making $1 on a Rolex watch. Which of course you can't do for very
      > long and stay in business.
      > The basic theory is that it is better to make a sale even if you have
      > to discount your profit then not make the sale. It is a "one sum"
      > game. Every time you make a sale you get one point. Every time you
      > don't make the sale you get zero or -1 points.
      > Now, which would you rather do...Sell one item and make $10 profit or
      > sell ten of the same items and make $1 per item?
      > The Hong Kong model says that you are far better off selling the 10
      > items and making $1 profit. This has to do with the customers
      > attitude toward the sale (all 10 customers), the higher chance that
      > you will have repete business for those ten sales, the number of
      > people that had an experience doing business with you, your ability to
      > buy in greater volumn, etc.
      > The European-distributor model that we use in Europe and the US says
      > that you are better off making $10 off of the one item.
      > However, If you look at the retailers that are extremely successful,
      > like IKEA, COSTCO, WalMart, Aldi Foods, etc., you will see that they
      > are all using a variant of of the Hong Kong model.
      > If you look at why so many people have commented on this thread is
      > that eBay is NOT using the Hong Kong model, and in fact is going the
      > other direction.
      > That is why some European and American manufactures have come yp with
      > schemes like "Minimum Advertised Price" which they make their dealers
      > adhere to. The classic example of that is Leica Camera, and we all
      > know what happened to them.
      > I hope I made the concept a little clearer.
      > Bill
      > --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Loren" <ljsnyder@...> wrote:
      >> Bill,
      >> I can see your point and it may well be true. With that said though
      > I can't
      >> spend my time making a dollar profit on a large ticket item, or for
      > that
      >> matter a smaller ticket item when I consider how long it took me to
      > make
      >> that dollar. I know many in the world work for a few bucks a day,
      > but here
      >> in America where we are all spoiled beyond belief, we have to make mega
      >> bucks to afford the items we want.
      >> I don't sell MTL for a living, but more for the love of the folks and
      >> helping Z grow. I make my money at a different profession.
      >> Actually when I stop to think about it, selling product takes away a
      > lot of
      >> time I could be playing with trains and having more fun that way.
      >> Kind of a catch 22 maybe.
      >> Still thinking,
      >> Loren
      >> Z Train Things
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      >> Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 1:02 PM
      >> Subject: [Z_Scale] Re: Ebay seller fees going up - AGAIN
      >> > Hi Loren,
      >> >
      >> > There is this guy in Ulm, Germany who had a nice little train store in
      >> > the city center. He did a good business. Then the Internet came
      >> > along and rather then fight it, he adopted it and he has gone from
      >> > having a good business to having a great business. (No, I can remember
      >> > the name of his shop, but I know how to get there and where to park)
      >> >
      >> > His prices and merchandise online are the as in his walk-in store.
      >> > Yes, he sells on ebay.de also. He uses his online sales tools to
      >> > promote his store. He even promotes his store on ebay. He goes to
      >> > train swaps and in addition to selling stuff, he hands out cards with
      >> > his website and email address on them.
      >> >
      >> > He uses what is known as the "Hong-Kong" business model. That model
      >> > says that it is better to make a sale with even a small profit then
      >> > not to make the sale at all. For example, it is better to sell a
      >> > Locomotive for $100 and just make $1.00 profit then not sell the
      >> > locomotive at all. Generally, people in the United States can not
      >> > relate to that mindset.
      >> >
      >> > The world of commerce is changing and it is good that you are taking
      >> > the time to think about it.
      >> >
      >> > Bill
      >> >
      > Z-scale: minimum siZe, MAXIMUM enjoyment!
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