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Re: The End of the New CCRR

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  • Jeff BAZ-man
    Daniel, I thought your layout was like life s experiences: you add to the new end and take away from the old, like a computer FIFO. That whay you always
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 5, 2007
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      Daniel, I thought your layout was like life's experiences: you add
      to the "new" end and take away from the old, like a computer FIFO.
      That whay you always have continued growth.

      I always have more to add to my modules, I have so little detail.
      For our BAZ BoyZ modules, I have all the track !!!


      SF Bay Area Z

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "Daniel Baechtold"
      <daniel.baechtold@...> wrote:
      > Jim
      > I know exactly what your feeling. I am on my 12th layout by now
      and have destroyed all the other 11 (I have plenty of firewood now :-
      > I love to see trains running on my diorama but for me the much
      more interesting thing is to build and create after my visions.
      > It's also some progress of learning, of getting better at
      modelling and all that (well, I have to say, Jim you already have
      the black belt in modelling).
      > Didn't you think about selling it instead of destroying it? just
      > Best wishes, Daniel
      > <Some railroad modellers live to build. Can't always happen
      unless you
      > <want a place full of railroad layouts. Eventually you run out of
      > <room. The alternative is tear down what you have already built
      > <start over for the pure pleasure of building another layout.
      > <
      > <Did you play with Lego as a kid, or do your kids play with Lego?
      > <a project is completed tear it apart and use the bricks to build
      > <something else. The fun is in the designing and building.
      > <
      > <Sometimes one looks at the result of their construction project
      > <does not see the result - but instead sees what can be improved
      on the
      > <next go-round. How many times have railroad modellers wished
      they had
      > <done the track plan differently, or added a grade, or a
      sidetrack, or
      > <made that curve not quite so sharp, or whatever. By tearing down
      > <rebuilding, one gets the fun of building many layouts, and each
      > <every time builds an improved layout.
      > <
      > <Although it might seem a shame to tear down such an amazing work
      > <art, as Jim says 'better things are on the horizon'.
      > <
      > <Have fun, Jim.
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