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Bill's Commemorative Car Update June 26th

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  • Chadrick Morris
    Hello, I have made one person upset and I apologize. 2007 is not the best year for me. Bill passed away in January, my wife asked for a divorce in February,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 26, 2007

      I have made one person upset and I apologize. 2007 is not the best year for me. Bill passed away in January, my wife asked for a divorce in February, my company was bought out by one of our competitors, and I have not been able to focus on the things I need to. The divorce is finalized now so that it over with, however I find myself thinking of her and what I did wrong. I need to move on from that. The company is still going and I hope the business will pick up again once the transition is complete. Then the occasional train show to go to takes a little time to do. I was on vacation for a week. My Internet service was down for over a week and just got it back up running tonight. Where did June go? I just turned all the calendars. My Father and I had a wonderful one day train show in the "big" town of Dewey, OK. Just North of Bartisville, OK. Nice show and everyone enjoyed seeing Z scale. For most people it was their first time seeing Z. No Z scale trains to
      buy at this show, but I did find some of those Athern N scale John Deere tractors that work out in Z just fine.

      Bill's car will be featured in the next issue of Z Track Magazine. There should be a few more orders from that. I hope the people who received their commemorative car are satisfied with it. I will start to send out the second request orders soon. I believe there will be plenty of cars.

      I also want to apologize to the person who asked about the Z-Bend Track wiring harnesses. I have all the material from Sue Kronenberger, but have not made any wires. I have missed these to get to the person before the national train show. I also have some of the Z-Bend Track patches that Bill had made up. They are about 2" by 4" with red and black lettering on a white background trimmed with a red border. If anyone is interested in the patch, I am asking $4.00 each patch and that includes shipping to US addresses. The patch will be mailed out in a normal envelope, no priority to keep cost down. The money from the patches will be kept for future patches if more are needed.

      Just FYI for anyone: Bill's commemorative car is $25.00 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling to US addresses.

      If interested send check or money order to:
      Chad Bryan
      1407 Chantilly Ln
      Houston, TX 77018

      I am not the Internet guy like Bill was. I am over 1700 emails behind in this group. I am working on another project to try to get a Rogue Locomotive Works GP-38 empty shell to roll. So far I have made use of a MTL F-7 truck frame with Marklin metal wheels and got the wheels to roll. Working on other ideas on how to mount the truck frames to the shell. I also was given the opportunity to try out a couple of the new snail controllers from ZThek. But I have not even opened the packages yet. I hope to get my rear in gear and focus on trains more.

      Thank you.

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