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Re: Re-Tooling

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  • Karin Svenson
    ... Hi Reynard, I couldn t agree with you more. Bachmann s G scale Big-Haulers were beautiful, affordable, but a disaster mechanically, early on at least!
    Message 1 of 6 , May 28, 2007
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      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Reynard Wellman <micron@...> wrote:

      > Not everything they've done is superb. Bachmann
      > knows this all too well, so I doubt they will head down the Z
      > scale path anytime soon.
      > RegardZ,
      > Reynard

      Hi Reynard,

      I couldn't agree with you more. Bachmann's G scale "Big-Haulers"
      were beautiful, affordable, but a disaster mechanically, early on at
      least! I found out the hard way. Sure, they guaranteed their
      product for repair or replacement if you wanted to ship your large
      scale loco and wait months wondering if it would ever come back. I
      just steer people away from Bachmann Big Haulers (the RTR sets) and
      suggest they go straight to an individual Spectrum engine instead.
      Some of those can be pricey but worth it. Most Big Hauler rolling
      stock is fine.

      It could get interesting if Bachmann ever got into Z. It could
      possibly hurt those companies we enjoy supporting now. I have a
      feeling we would see ALL of our favorite road names but I wonder if
      they would do as well at keeping engines running nice and slow rather
      than being the little "racers" around the track like they are now.
      Yes, I think it would cheapen Z more than we care to see happen.

      But I gotten beautiful ARR in most every scale and in multiple
      configurations thanks to Bachmann.

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