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Re: [Z_Scale] New Rock Star at Ztrack

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  • harold grady
    I appreciate your update Rob, It was loaded with wonderful news. Harold Grady Mike D. wrote: Rob, Thanks for your update this is
    Message 1 of 3 , May 26, 2007
      I appreciate your update Rob, It was loaded with wonderful news.
      Harold Grady

      "Mike D." <zscaletrains@...> wrote:
      Rob, Thanks for your update this is all good news, and it couldn't have come
      at a better time!Your the Best! Thanks for all you do to help!

      Mike D.

      >From: ztrack@...
      >Reply-To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      >To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: Re: [Z_Scale] Where is Robby? AZL Ztrack updates!
      >Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 09:26:53 EDT
      >I'm here! LOL!
      >Sorry for being so quiet lately. I have been focused on the next issue of
      >Ztrack. We have also started the July/August issue.
      >I guess an update is overdue. First, let's go with a new product update the
      >we will be making this weekend. Swiss Z Lines (and you thought I was going
      >say AZL) is releasing their long awaited SBB Re 6/6 electric locomotive. I
      >have a full press release in the next day.
      >As for the SD70s, we have seen some delays in Ajin. AZL has asked for some
      >minor modifications be done to the SD70s based on the feedback from the
      >release. We are in the testing phase of the modifications. I hope to have
      >information in the next 30 days. As of now, I am completely out of SD70s.
      >we start rolling again, we hope to have all previous releases as well as
      >new BNSF and UP Flag in stock.
      >The preproduction run of the GP7s has been tremendous. Ztrack sold out of
      >UP and PRR. Ajin has supplied AZL with additional PRR GP7s which we do have
      >in stock. Again, we are looking at least a month out before we start seeing
      >standard run. The next two roadnames will be ATSF and Nickel Plate.
      >We are hearing from Bowser that the Bethgons are at the packaging stage,
      >still require assembly. I wish we had a date since we are LONG over due on
      >these cars. The first roadnames are NS, CSX and Conrail. This delay has set
      >all future AZL rolling stock releases. The good news is that AZL has made
      >plans to move forward and new rolling stock in being planned. Sorry, I
      >Hans Riddervold, owner of AZL, has asked that I set the record straight.
      >There has been discussion on the list concerning MTL's GP9 since AZL did
      >the GP7.
      >In 2005, AZL did inform MTL of their decision to make GP7s. This was a full
      >year before the MTL announcement.
      >Okay, on to other things. Ztrack Intermodal, aka Sgt Tim, is working on the
      >next run of Thralls. Tim is in the process of testing containers and paint
      >the next run. Stay tuned!
      >Ztrack Craftsman Kits have done very well. Robert Ray is working on another
      >run of center beams to fill orders. Once we have these filled, we hope to
      >work on an all new kit. Again, stay tuned!
      >Next, due to the weakening dollar, Ztrack has been forced to increase our
      >prices on the HTM line and Gaugemasters. Sorry! Prices do go into affect
      >immediately. John Cubbin will be updating the prices on our web site in the
      >next few
      >Now for some vague information. Ztrack has a few surprises in store. In the
      >next few days, we hope to have another product announcement. Ztrack is
      >with the talents of a major manufacturer (don't want to give this away
      >Sgt Tim and John Cubbin to release a special accessory line that will
      >your choice of a kit version or ready to run and the accessories. Our goal
      >to have all items ready at time of the announcement.
      >Finally, Ztrack has another surprise. But you are going to have to wait
      >the end of June or July. I can say this, stop by the Ztrack booth at the
      >Detroit NTS to purchase yours!
      >Okay, was this enough information?
      >Ztrack Magazine Ltd.
      >6142 Northcliff Blvd.
      >Dublin, OH 43016
      >phone/fax: (614) 764-1703
      >Distributor American Z Line
      > See what's free at http://www.aol.com
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