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  • Anders Lattermann
    Hi! ... The Titan is a pure DC trafo I think? That would explain why it hasn t the three speed jumps the Märklin trafos have. Märklin trafos (the gray new
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 4, 1999

      > the best suited for "Z" transformer I know: "TITAN electronic 147",
      > especially designed for "Z" !
      > This transformer the best running capabilities I have seen so
      > far, .... no
      > sudden accelerations......

      The Titan is a pure DC trafo I think? That would explain why it hasn't the
      three speed jumps the M�rklin trafos have. M�rklin trafos (the gray new 10V
      ones) have three different output modes:
      1 on the low speed range with much pulse power (cirka 0-75).
      2 with some kind of mix mode of pulse and pure DC (cirka 75-150)
      3 Pure DC (cirka 150 and above, this one you seldom use since your trains
      does up to 350 km/h in this region)

      And it's when you move from one type of output to the next you see these
      jumps (the other jump problem posted the other day when a train goes from
      one curcuit to another hasn't anything to do with these jumps).

      The only disadvantage I can say about pure DC is that some locos with higher
      internal starting friction has some problems starting until a rather high
      setting and then suddenly flies away over the tracks. The pulse modes in the
      M�rklin trafos does a really good work in getting these locos to start even
      at low speeds.

      If you ever plan to go to coreless motors you don't want to pulse. All I've
      red on the theme says for coreless run Titan.

      Well, that was some ramblings, hope you got anything out of it!

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