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Photo ops @ NTS2001

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    To: Terry Bacus, Editor - NMRA Bulletin Hi Terry, I hope that Galen will have his camera ready to take lots of pictures at the National Train Show in St.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2001
      To: Terry Bacus, Editor - NMRA Bulletin

      Hi Terry,

      I hope that Galen will have his camera ready to take lots of pictures at the
      National Train Show in St. Louis. This will be a great opportunity for you
      to get some great material for a "special issue" on Z scale model

      You just ran a special on Large Scale so why not do the same for the other
      end of the spectrum?

      This year's NTS will be the site of the largest Z scale gathering in recent
      memory in North America. I'll be returning with my Val Ease Central
      Railroad and Terry Sutfin will also be back with his PVDC toporama layout.
      The highlight of the Z gathering will be the first ever multistate Z modular
      layout. Z-Bend Track Modules from Houston, Texas and Washington, DC will be
      linked to compatible Z-track modules from the Dallas, Garland and Mesquite
      club. The entire layout is expected to offer 16 scale miles of track with
      up to 12 trains running simulaneously.

      You can find all of the Z action in area 843 on the floor plan.

      Ztrack Magazine has an 8x20 foot booth where we will be giving clinics and
      product demos. We're planning to organize door prize drawings and a
      Saturday Z dinner outing.

      Hans Rittervold of American Z Lines (formerly Rogue of GP38-2 and GE C44-9
      fame) will be presenting their new Alco PA1 in brass. Harald Freundenreich
      of FR Models (Germany) will be showing an american diesel box cab, Gunnerson
      Husky stack cars and other US rolling stock. Several other Z manufacturers
      will be staffing the Ztrack booth to answer questions and to show off their
      products. I think I'm supposed to give a clinic or two!

      I sincerely hope that you'llseriously consider my suggestion of a special Z
      scale issue. I can garantee the cooperation of my associates at the Great Z
      Gathering at NTS2001. We are committed to putting a friendly face on US Z
      and promoting Z to the general public and to the NMRA membership.

      Speaking of the NMRA, the web forum of which I am the moderator, Z_Scale,
      has been registered as an NMRA SIG. I believe that we represent the only
      100% electronic SIG. Membership is growing continuously and has reached the
      400 mark. Check out the group, I think that you'll find it interesting.
      The archives are public but every member function is active getting great
      use. Currently we have 3 polls running, 4 growing databases, a calendar of
      events, a weekly chat and expanding files and bookmarks sections.

      The WWW Z community is very dynamic and would make for a good story to
      encourage other NMRA groups.

      See you in St. Louis.

      Jeffrey MacHan
      CEO - Val Ease Central Railroad http://www.Val-Ease-Central.com
      Z_Scale Moderator & SIG Coordinator
      Contributing Editor - Ztrack Magazine
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