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      It is my understanding that Chad is handling the distribution.

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      Hello all,
      My name is Paul. This is a very sad day in Kenmore New York. I just
      joined this club so that i could leave this message. I am not a Z
      scale modeler but i have many Z items because of Bill. I have known
      Bill for a little over ten years now. We met via the internet way
      back when Bill was still into N scale. Turns out his wife Sue grew up
      a few miles away from me in NY. We became instant freinds and talked
      over the phone and internet constantly. Bill would joke with me about
      all the snow in Buffalo and I would joke with him about the weekly
      train shows we have here. I wish i had his weather and he wanted all
      my train shows. He took me in an taught me so much about everything
      and anything related to trains, especially electronics. I consider
      him one of my best freinds, more like my older brother.I miss him
      dearly all ready. Anytime i would see Z at a show i would think of
      Bill. I used to send a lot of "finds" down to Houston. Bill came here
      and stayed with my wife and I a couple times. We went to the NMRA
      Mapleleaf convention in Toronto Canada in 2003. Bill & I commuted
      from my home just over the border from Canada in Kenmore NY to the
      show for the whole weekend. He loved to talk. He was always talking
      about his freinds in the Z scale club. So much so i feel like i know
      all of you. I even have pictures of you guys from various shows where
      you set up the Zbend. I feel even more sad for all of you who were
      much closer geographicly and were used to being with him on a regular
      basis. I pray for Sue, his two children and the rest of his family. I
      pray for all of us who have lost a great freind and teacher. He will
      be greatly missed. i would dearly appreciate if someone would take
      the time to keep me informed of this commemorative car. I very much
      need one. Thank you for your time and consideration.
      Paul m Dickash
      359 kinsey ave.
      Kenmore NY 14217
      atsf359@aol. <mailto:atsf359%40aol.com> com.

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