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Re: Hello List/question

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  • Jeff Rothfus
    ... Sounds like you ve been to Clayton s ... ... I first entered Z in the mid 1980 s when the dollar was strong and I was traveling to Europe frequently.
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 2, 2001
      On 6/30/01 webffm wrote:
      >I notice all the Marklin stuff is really only in these
      >toy stores...which cover everything from dolls to
      >other kids toys, and all the Marklin stuff is locked
      >behind these glass plates and all jumbled

      Sounds like you've been to Clayton's ...

      >Anyway, if anyone >knows of any better shops with
      >Marklin in Western New York state, let me know,
      >otherwise I will stick to mail order via Internet.

      I first entered 'Z' in the mid 1980's when the dollar was strong and I
      was traveling to Europe frequently.

      Subsequently, much of my early collection came from automobile tours of
      upstate New York, with Marklin's U.S. Dealer List tucked inside my glove

      At that time, I was delighted (and chagrined) to find Marklin Z selling
      for 50-percent off at dealer, after dealer, throughout New York State ---
      each dealer selling-off their Marklin inventory, or going out of business

      As you have found, their are no Marklin train shops in Western New York;
      none in Upstate New York; and precious few in the City or on Long Island.

      The advice you've received regarding mail order and Ebay is sound, but --
      hey -- the dollar is strong again against the Euro, and the summer fare
      wars are upon us: Why not pop over the pond and do some serious shopping
      while ridding the prototype? (... that'll *really* stoke those coal
      fires within you!)

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