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RE: [Z_Scale] Sally's Layout by Jim O'Connell The Rest of the Story

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  • Gert Velthuizen
    Happy to you all also from me. Great story Loren, what a way to end 2006 (providing the fun for Tom and Sally) and to start 2007 (by sharing it with us, your
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      Happy to you all also from me.

      Great story Loren, what a way to end 2006 (providing the fun for Tom and Sally) and to start 2007 (by sharing it with us, your friendZ.
      Thanks and keep the fun up.


      To: z_scale@yahoogroups.comFrom: ljsnyder@...: Mon, 1 Jan 2007 19:33:23 +0000Subject: [Z_Scale] Sally's Layout by Jim O'Connell The Rest of the Story

      Happy New Year Z scalers all over the world. This is a belated Christmas and Happy New Year Z story all rolled intoone. This story illustrates how Z scale can bring strangers togetherand the joy that model railroading can bring to young and old alike.Many of you have followed Jim O'Connell's postings and seen severalpictures of the development of a small suitcase layout that Jim didfor a lady here in Medford just before Christmas. I thought you wouldlike to know the "behind the scenes" details of how this layout cameinto being and how Z scale affects people in all walks of life. There are several players and manufacturers involved in this story, sofor the sake of brevity, I'll try to keep it short. Here goes......Sally and Tom Melgard attended the Thanksgiving weekend train showheld in Medford. They were quite taken with the "little" trains andinquired where they came from. Apparently Sally was told that theywere Micro Trains Line and that MTL was located in Talent, just 10miles South of Medford.Sally called MTL and asked about acquiring some Z scale trains. Shewas encouraged to call me as I am a local dealer.Sally called me and stated she wanted to get a small train set for herhusband for Christmas and "surprise him" She explained that Tom hasthe signs of beginning Alzheimer's and she thought a small train setwould help Tom concentrate and also entertain him to some extent.I told her that even a small loop of track would eventually loose it'sappeal when the imagination ran out of mountains and tunnels andcountryside, and gave way to the reality that this was just a "roundyroundy" oval of trackJim O'Connell had recently announced that he was going to beginoffering small custom layouts for sale and I suggested Sally contact Jim.Sally did call Jim and agreed to have Jim make a small layout in anantique suitcase she had stored in the attic of her home.Sally sent the suitcase to Jim in San Diego, and in a matter ofseveral days he put together a very nice small loop of track and somecountry scenery that would appeal to anyone.Lajos Thek supplied the Snail Speed controller while I added some ofmy evergreen trees, (minus any squirrels) and Jim threw in a barn hehad been saving for a future project. I managed to find some extrabrown horses by Preiser to add to the scene. Sally and Jim raiseminiature horses just a mile from where I live and she has promised totake me to the stable to meet "their kids".Using several pieces of MTL's flex track, Jim was able to put togethera convincing little scene complete with back drop that Jim was surewould delight Tom.This whole project was "rushed" by all involved, (especially Jim) andhe was able to send the layout back up to me to add the horses at thelast minute and test the running of the Marklin 0-6-0 and several carsthat Sally came over and picked out from my small fleet of Marklinproducts.To make a long story short......Sally wrapped the layout for Tom andpresented it to him on Christmas morning. To say he was pleased is anunder statement, and while Tom does have a little trouble at thisstage of his Alzheimer's, he is able to enjoy watching the train windits way through the countryside and can imagine to his heart's contentthat it is chugging along through miles and miles of back country.Sally was thrilled with Jim's work, (and who wouldn't be) as Jim is awonderful modeler. We as consumers don't like to have someone "crank"out our products for fear we will get less than well made goods, butin Jim's case, he can "crank" with the best of them and you needn'tworry about getting top quality for your dollar spent. Jim rose tothe challenge and came through with a beautiful example of Z scalemodeling at its finest.Commercial time--------and Jim didn't ask me to say this, but I doubthe will complain. If any of you ever want a small layout made foryourself or someone as a gift, you can't go wrong by asking Jim tomake it for you. So, to bring this tale to a close, let me say that once again Z scalehas brought strangers together and continues to provide fun andenjoyment to people of all ages. OBTW, Sally has agreed to let me show her layout at next year'sThanksgiving Train Show in Medford. So not only does she and Tom getto enjoy the "little trains" but all who attend next year's show willshare in the experience.You can view Sally and Tom at home with their layout in the photosection under "Sally & Tom's Layout"As Paul Harvey is fond of saying........."and now, you know the RESTof the story"Loren

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