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Re: Heritage Line for Z - Re: [Z_Scale] Catch-22

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  • Ed Dalman
    Rick, Thanks for your Catch-22 update. I was a kid in Holland during WW2. I hace heardthat expression overthere. Also thanks for the tip on inventoring the
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2006
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      Thanks for your Catch-22 update. I was a kid in Holland during WW2. I hace heardthat expression overthere.
      Also thanks for the tip on inventoring the locs and cars.
      At the moment I am in Holland andf will be back in 3 weeks.

      Take care,
      Ed Dalman
      Lakeside, CA.

      Rick Saviano <saviano@...> wrote:

      Thanks for the Catch-22 clarifications. It's amazing how multiple
      "truths" spread, especially when the internet is involved. My original
      source was obviously flawed.

      I seem to remember that the minimum run wasn't that large. I'd suggest
      politely trying to persuade the NMRA to loosen the "one per member"
      rule. My wife became an associate member to allow "us" to double our
      order, and I think that if all Z NMRA members were allowed to get 4, it
      would more than meet the minimum. I for one prescribe to the "one for
      show, one for blow" handkerchief philosophy when it comes to
      "collectible" items. That way, I can weather one or more cars and still
      have the display case with the pristine items.

      Along those lines, I appreciate the fact that MTL prints readable road
      numbers. For the most part, Marklin gives the flavor of individual cars,
      but you can actually read the MTL cars. I know because I'm inventorying
      my cars with MiTrains (Shenandoah Software) and I'm scanning the cars for
      easier identification. The images are printed on the car cards, and,
      with waybills inserted, it will make operations easier and more


      vincentgoudreault wrote:

      > --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Rick Saviano <saviano@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Ed,
      > >
      > > I asked that question quite a while back and got a Catch-22
      > answer (apologies and explanation to those not familiar with the
      > term: During the
      > > Korean War, there was a syndrome where fighter pilots went "fighter
      > plane crazy" ([I can't remember the name or its acronym]. You could
      > get a
      > > legitimate medical discharge if you were a victim of this
      > syndrome. Part of the rules governing this discharge, Rule 17,
      > stated that the victim had
      > > to personally request the discharge. The catch is, if you were
      > truly a victim, you would see no reason to request the discharge.
      > Hence the name
      > > Catch-22. Well, actually, Catch-17. There was a book written
      > about military life that included this Catch, but when the time came
      > to publish it, the
      > > book Stalag 17 came out. The publishers made the author change 17
      > to 22, and the "Catch" phrase was born.
      > >
      > I don't know who answered that to you, but whoever did made quite a
      > bit of booboo's.
      > Catch-22 is set during WWII, not the Korean conflict.
      > The original title was Catch-18, and was changed because it could
      > have conflicted with another book that came up about the same time
      > (1961) called "Mila 18". "Stalag 17" (the movie) was released in
      > 1953.
      > And there is no real Clause 22 (or 17 or 18 for that matter) in real
      > life, in the Army manual. Although there is probably of lot of
      > nonsence in this world that does qualify as Catch-22.
      > That said, getting back to the Heritage car issue. How big a run of
      > those did the NMRA commissioned? (I mean not how many different cars
      > were done, but how many identical cars were made per run, for
      > distribution?). Here perhaps Joe can help us, unless those numbers
      > are supposed to be kept confidential and private. Then, let's
      > compare that with the number of people on this list. Couldn't the
      > Z_scale Yahoo! group also commission Heritage-like cars?
      > Of course, not everyone on this list would be interested, but then
      > again, not everyone in NMRA was getting the Heritage cars in Z
      > either. I presume most NMRA members are not interested in Z at all.
      > CBVG
      > Z-scale: minimum siZe, MAXIMUM enjoyment!
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