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Re: Ebay Germany

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  • Michael Skeggs mike@bystander.net
    I have bought from German sellers on a couple of occasions. My tips are: - I only look at sellers who will use paypal, international money orders are too hard.
    Message 1 of 18 , Sep 28, 2006
      I have bought from German sellers on a couple of occasions. My tips are:
      - I only look at sellers who will use paypal, international money
      orders are too hard.
      - I always ask for a postage cost. The German post office has a parcel
      rate for postage that is insane, but you can send small packages as
      letters for well under 10 euros. I bought a lot of 13 cars that was 50
      euros to post as a parcel, or 9 euros as a letter. Same packaging and
      under half a pound in weight! If the seller uses Ebay's default
      international postage tool it uses the parcel rate, so many auctions
      say 30 euro for worldwide post, but if you ask, postage may be much
      less. (BTW - this is true of USPS for airmail, if you are selling on
      ebay out of the US)
      - I speak no German (to my shame, having visited there and Switzerland
      several times on buisness) so rely on Babelfish to translate my
      questions and the auction descriptions. When I ask a question I
      sometimes ask it in two ways (say, Please advise postage cost to
      Australia and How much to mail to Australia) and then go word by word
      over the translations to see if one is better than the other,
      eliminating errors like e.g. using the German word for a gate post
      instead of the mail sense.
      - I always repeat my question in English underneath with an apology
      that I cannot speak German. The majority of Germans savvy enough to
      sell stuff on ebay and take Paypal speak better English than I do!
      - I leave feedback in English if the user speaks it, to give you other
      users a hint to try this seller.
      - The usual ebay tips about feedback etc. also apply
      - if you enter the auction number in ebay.com, all the ebay standard
      info will be in English, if you are uncertain of some standard auction
      - You will often notice a disclaimer saying private sale, no return
      etc. I believe this is in response to EU consumer laws that presume
      you are a shop if you sell something unless you explicitly state you
      are private. And shops have warranty obligations etc.
      I find using ebay.de very useful with these tips in mind.
      Michael Skeggs (first post)
      P.S. - Alan, love your work in Linux!

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      > Posted by: "Alan Cox" alan@... a_a_c_y
      > Date: Wed Sep 27, 2006 6:57 am (PDT)
      > Ar Mer, 2006-09-27 am 12:41 +0000, ysgrifennodd Chris Mears:
      > > Ebay website and I am really excited about what is available through
      > > there. My German is sketchy, and I must confess I am extremely new to
      > > the whole Ebay thing so...are there others on this list who have
      > > purchased through this localized auction site? I am in Eastern
      > > Canada,
      > I buy from Ebay Germany into the UK, but that is the same for tax
      > purposes so I don't have to pay import duty etc (which otherwise is a
      > real pain here for a single item as they add lots of 'processing fees'
      > and other crap onto it)
      > I have found it useful. My German is pretty basic ("eine groBe beer
      > bitte" etc) but the altavista translator and a bit of looking in
      > dictionaries is sufficient to learn "ebay german" (ie "broken, new,
      > used, tested, does not run"). I've had no problems so far.
      > Alan
      > >
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