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  • John & Sue Bartolotto
    All, Vote YES! This is a wonderful initiative by Joe and I fully support it. If MTL jumps into this just imagine where it could lead.Walthers, DPM, Grandt
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 3, 2006

      Vote YES! This is a wonderful initiative by Joe and I fully support it. If
      MTL jumps into this just imagine where it could lead.Walthers, DPM, Grandt

      John Bartolotto

      Nansen Street Models


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      Loren Snyder
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      I urge you to change your vote to "yes". MTL's quality of product will
      remain high and I doubt introducing structures will hinder MTL's production
      of Z scale rolling stock and locos. Besides, if we encourage MTL to expand,
      the interest we consumers show may help MTL to stretch a bit and the end
      result will be more Z item variety sooner than later. While many of us
      would like to produce items for Z scale, few are as qualified as MTL to do
      exactly what Joe proposes if the interest is there.

      Truth is, you might have a ton of rolling stock and locos, but someday you
      are just going to have to populate that town, city, or industrial area and
      the Z market has room for a huge amount on new products. Might as well be
      MTL doing the producing.

      I was just at MTL an hour ago and shucks, there's enough land around MTL to
      double their manufacturing plant space. Of course, I doubt you or I have
      the necessary money to donate to MTL to help them expand. Anyone out there
      want to donate a couple million to MTL to help them out?...........Didn't
      think so.

      It is my guess that since Z is growing rapidly and N scale is tapering off
      to some degree, more emphasis, time, effort, and money will be directed
      towards Z scale. If the interest is pointing towards Z being a good money
      maker, then perhaps MTL will change direction more toward Z and let the N
      scalers "eventually catch on" that Z is where it is at.

      Just a nickel's worth of gray matter,

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      From: pinekirk
      Date: 08/03/06 09:43:26
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      Subject: [Z_Scale] Re: New Product Poll

      i voted "NO" in the poll because i'm afraid it will siphon away
      time/effort to produce needed Z scale rolling stock.

      STANDARDS! but not if it's going to compromise getting the
      cars/locos that we want to have.
      dave f.

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      > Hi all,
      > I just posted a quickie poll, looking for numbers at this point to
      > to Marketing and Management. The question is wether or not you
      all are
      > interested in haveing Injection Molded Structures for layouts or
      > These would be like the Model Power series, in a box, already
      > and detailed and ready to install. Some structures would have
      > maybe some animation where necessary. These would be up to MTL
      > standards and we would start with Line Side Structures. This is
      only a
      > fact finding poll, nothing has been decided or even presented. I
      > working on expanding Z and think Structures is the next big thing
      > tackle. I need a lot of numbers here, so encourage everyone
      lurking to
      > take the poll!
      > thanks
      > Joe

      Z-scale: minimum siZe, MAXIMUM enjoyment!

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