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Re: FR's soon to be releases!

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  • sgt_tim7
    Message 46113 states ... this ... these ... the ... planning ... to ... if ... you ... you ... suggest ... masterpieces!
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      Message 46113 states

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "sgt_tim7" <sgt_tim1@...> wrote:
      > Updated Message: Keeping this post alive!
      > --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, "sgt_tim7" <sgt_tim1@> wrote:
      > I have some exciting news! In correspondence with Harald
      > Freudenreich, better known as "FR", I have acquired some exciting
      > info on his future and near future releases.
      > Harald Freudenreich's website!
      > http://www.fr-model.de/
      > *Next PS2 Release- "CSX Transportation" - The shells are already
      > assembled and painted. The shells are going to be pad printed
      > coming Monday, 30 July, with final assemblies coming soon after
      > that! The CSX PS2 will come in two different reporting numbers.
      > Photo of a painted shell! Excuse the dark image!
      > http://www.trainboard.com/railimages/data/506/FR-CSX1.jpg
      > Photo of what the pad printing will look like!
      > http://www.trainboard.com/railimages/data/506/FR-CSX.jpg
      > In the past, the model runs of CSX have sold out faster than
      > expected. If you model CSX or would just like to have one of
      > works of art, I suggest you contact Harald to put your name in the
      > hat to get one, two, or maybe more!
      > *Special PS2 Release- "Western Maryland" - This is going to be a
      > special release for the model railroad online dealer, Case-Hobbies!
      > Case-Hobbies contact email address:
      > peter.scheele@...
      > Case-Hobbies is a German online dealer in Bielefeld.
      > This is a photo of an actual WM PS2 so you can see what the paint
      > scheme will look like!
      > http://www.trainboard.com/railimages/data/506/FR-WM.jpg
      > These Western Maryland PS2's will only be available from Case-
      > Hobbies
      > at the above web address. They will be sold in sets of two in a
      > large clear case. (the case is the same as the case FR packages
      > Gunderson Maxi III sets)
      > *September PS2 Release- "Aurora" - For September, Harald is
      > on releasing the PS2 in the Aurora paint scheme. The Aurora will
      > come in two different reporting numbers.
      > This is a photo of what the Aurora PS2 paint scheme will look like!
      > http://www.trainboard.com/railimages/data/506/FR-Aurora.jpg
      > --If you have an interest in any of these PS2's, I encourage you
      > contact Harald Freudenreich or Case-Hobbies to place one of these
      > beauties on hold.
      > *Special Release- "Waddell" Coal Hopper #103 & #104 - Uncle Will
      > Wright will soon be receiving two new releases of the famous, and
      > colorful, "Waddell" coal hopper cars.
      > Photo of the FR Waddell Coal Hopper!
      > http://sbiii.com/fulthrtl/frftwadd.jpg
      > From what I have heard, these
      > are wanted items. Selling out PDQ. This is a good thing, except
      > you have missed out on getting one in the past.
      > If you are interested in purchasing one of these, or two, or more,
      > you might want to contact Uncle Will and place them on hold.
      > Uncle Will can be contacted at:
      > dewaal28@...
      > Check out his info page at:
      > http://sbiii.com/fulthrtl/fulthrtl.html
      > *Second Release Coming Soon- AMTRAK Phase II F40PH - The first
      > release of the AMTRAK II F40PH was a quick sell out. Harald has
      > decided to make a second release of this popular, and most needed,
      > F40PH in the famous AMTRAK Phase II colorful paint scheme.
      > Photo of the first release!
      > http://www.fr-model.de/images/products/us/120-3.jpg
      > Harald has not set an actual date for this release, but they have
      > already started on them so the release is coming in the near
      > future.
      > If you missed out on the first release of the AMTRAK II F40PH or
      > liked the first release so much that you want another, I suggest
      > email Harald and get your name in the hat for one of these too!
      > Bryan Keyser, this means you!
      > --Now, this is the last time I will say this in this email, if you
      > are interested in any of these fine hand crafted products, I
      > you contact Harald, Uncle Will, or Case-Hobbies to place an early
      > order to ensure you get one, or more, of FR's fantastic
      > Hobo Tim
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