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Re: [Z_Scale] What is the steepest grade a Z scale train can go up & down?

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  • Uwe Liermann
    Hello Don, ... you mean as in: If you can t do it in Z it s impossible anyway, and if you do it, you re a wizard.... ;-)) ... you re right 0.5% out of 2% is
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 1, 2006
      Hello Don,

      > Well sure if something is in the way the laser won't work, but heck
      > anyone into Z should be able to do anything. -- :)

      you mean as in:

      If you can't do it in Z it's impossible anyway, and if you do it,
      you're a wizard.... ;-))

      > BTW a 0.5% out of 2% is a pretty substantial error percentage wise but
      > for what you are really doing I agree the Marklin unit is O.K.,

      you're right 0.5% out of 2% is 25%... but out of 4 it's only 12.5%...

      ...well now, since we are into % anyway I like to have a 40% (or 80
      proof) anytime while watching my trains... ;-)

      ...for getting serious again, I would always recommend to test any
      grade with the rolling stock that is intended for the use on that

      > plus it is kind of nice looking. Just think if it were full of
      > beer-I saw some photos the other day in one of the current train
      > magazines with 14 tank cars each holding 10,000 gallons of Coors
      > Beer.

      lately there was a auction at EBay with a set of glas tank cars
      labeled for different beverages. The Whiskey and the Rum were still
      full, but one labeled for beer was empty... :-( ... ;-)

      and sorry, but I don't know Coors... I always had a Miller time when
      in the US... and Coors is hard to get over here anyway :-)

      > To me, Woodland Scenics is the easy way especially if you are
      > building a curve.

      It wasn't very hard to build the grade (including curves) in plywood.
      The main thing is, not to start the grade with a new piece of plywood.
      I did cut the track base out of the sheet, and then started to bend
      the grade up after I fixed a good part of the track base level. This
      way I also did get a very smooth change from level to grade.

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