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Re: [Z_Scale] BAZ in Pomona Feb 25 2006

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  • randy smidt
    Congratulations to the new ZoCal group on your first show (with a little help from the overachiever to the north of you ;-) . Sounds like you all had a great
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      Congratulations to the new ZoCal group on your first show (with a little help from the overachiever to the north of you ;-) . Sounds like you all had a great time!

      I was talking with Rob Kluz yesterday about how now we see groups and individuals taking part in at least 3 shows a month nationwide (in the USA) now. All this growth is really helping to get Z scale out there in front of the public and increase the awareness of Z scale.

      Thanks to all of you.

      Randy Smidt

      Bill Hoshiko <billhko@...> wrote:
      Hi all,

      Jay Greer, David Barnblatt, Steve Gibbs, John Duino, Jim Manley, Jon
      Labrie, Keith O. Todhunter, Lajos Thek and I were at the Pomona show.

      Jim Manley arrived a little late. He got lost in our LA freeway
      system. You ain't in a big city until you drive our freeways. You
      enter Los Angeles City when you are at the split of the I-5 and the
      210 fwy. You drive for almost 60 miles, drive through mountain
      passes, drive through about 6 different cities and arrive back in
      Los Angeles where you finally arrive at the LA County Fairgrounds.
      What he thought would take 15 minutes took him over an hour.

      He brought along a few trains. How many Z scale trains can an
      Office Depot computer paper box hold? We never even tried
      counting. Well there were many many boxes. Also a brand new box of
      Uncle Wills cylindrical hoppers. More than you could count on the
      fingers on two hands. (at least it seemed so) The lettering is
      amazing. The N scale guys would think that their lettering is crude
      and the HO guys should be asking for their money back. Black
      lettering on yellow. No room for errors.

      David and Jon had two of Jim's preformed layouts operating. The
      Marklin locomotives had problems on one. Curved turnouts caused
      many stalling moments. When they finally found a MTL Pennsy GP35
      the stalling moments ended. The GP35 ran, crawled, and kept moving
      without a hitch for the rest of the show. They used the Zthek Snail
      Speed controller to power it. Everyone was amazed at the smooth
      control and slow speed achieved by it. Power by a 9 volt battery.
      No need for an electrical outlet or a two pound power pack. It
      redefines portable hand held train control.

      The GP35 was relieved by Lajos Thek's SW1 for a short while. Then
      one of the visiting observers gave Lajos an offer that he could not
      refuse and the SW1 found a new home.

      Jim worked on his super lightweight folding modules until he got an
      almost flat top on it. He opened a box of MTL MicroTrack that had
      enough pieces of track to build a room sized layout.

      There will be pictures some where soon. If I only could remember
      how to do all the different things with a computer. You heard that
      old joke about the guy with Alzheimer's. He could have an Easter
      egg hunt in his own back yard all by himself. Is that like playing
      hide and seek all by my self?

      I will be posting this very same message in several other groups. I
      am too tired to write different messages for each.

      If I can't post pictures tonight I will try tomorrow morning.

      Bill H.
      El Toro, CA

      Z-scale: minimum siZe, MAXIMUM enjoyment!

      G scale model train Ho scale model train Model train n scale Scale model train Z scale model train Z scale


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