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HSS expedition to Toronto (Part 4)

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    Welcome back to the continuing saga of Terry Sutfin s quest for Vernor s Ginger Ale and HSS s in Toronto. Sunday morning was a gorgeous Spring day, sunny and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2001
      Welcome back to the continuing saga of Terry Sutfin's quest for
      Vernor's Ginger Ale and HSS's in Toronto.

      Sunday morning was a gorgeous Spring day, sunny and mild. After a
      hearty breakfast at Lindy's where they serve the most steaks in
      Toronto (that's what the sign says), we headed off toward our next
      HSS, Panther Hobbies. The road took us along Lake Ontario over
      several freeways in varying states of repair. I had taken the
      precaution of printing out a Mapquest map of the whereabouts of the
      store so that I wouldn't appear completely foolish wandering around
      the West side of Toronto.

      Unfortunately, I didn't print the high resolution driving map so the
      street names were omitted! Oh well, plan B was to count the corners
      from the main artery that was identified. We had all day to get

      As luck would have it, we pulled off of the freeway in the direction
      of Dundas West that should, would lead us to Panther Hobbies. Along
      the way there was a large supermarket so we decided to try our luck
      with our second mission...Vernor's Ginger Ale. Eureka! we struck
      gold on our first try. Believe it or not, we left the store with 6
      cases of Vernor's that I must deliver to Terry next July at the NTS.
      Mission accomplished...now on to the HSS.

      With the weather being so good, I was able to spot the street of our
      HSS before my copilot so I appeared to actually know where I was
      going. Turning the corner, we immediately arrived at our destination.


      The owner, Alex, greeted us with a smile and invited us to explore
      the shop. Sundays were slow he explained so he would take the time
      to do some dusting and arrange the shelves. From my vantage point, I
      don't think that the store had been dusted in the 8 years since its

      We had found another charming and cozy hobby shop. The Z inventory
      was Micro-Trains this time round. Terry was surprised to find Peco
      flex track in good quantity. Terry also was interested in a Z car
      but he said he wasn't sure if he had already added it to his
      collection. Now Terry did something then and there that was awe
      inspiring...he took out his pocket organiser and checked his Z
      database of rolling stock to see if the object of his desire was
      already part of his collection. No, so out the box came from the
      display case.

      Hey, I had my complete inventory on my Jornada which was happily
      filling up one of my pockets. I spotted a UP 40' box car that looked
      unfamiliar. Instead of scratching my head trying to remember if the
      markings meant something to me, I adopted Terry's method and checked
      my inventory list. Fortunately, thanks to my new glasses, I was able
      to read the road number on the car. Not in the database...one new
      car for the VECRR.

      Terry and I split up to comb through the drawers and shelves of the
      store. I had a suspicion that there was more Z lurking in dark
      corners...and I was right! I found a Märklin catenary set in the
      scale accessories section and Terry found Z couplers and trucks in
      another area. I picked up some Bachmann EZ lube condutive fluid to
      try to give my F7s another lease on life and headed over to the
      counter to pay for my treasures.

      I struck up a conversation with Alex who finally confessed to have a
      personal Z collection although he had never heard of Ztrack Magazine,
      Z_Scale@yahoogroups.com or of any other Z related publications or
      groups. Suffice to say, we filled him in quickly with a mountain of
      information. He said that he would be happy to place a flyer for
      Ztrack Magazine and Z_Scale in the Z display case to encourage other
      Z modelers to connect. At this moment of bonding between Z brothers,
      Terry came over to the counter with a newly discovered treasure, a
      set of ISM (In Service Miniatures) container trailers. Alex picked
      it out of Terry's outstretched hand and slipped it into my bag of
      goodies! Terry was paralyzed from the neck up! The look of
      astonishment on his face was unforgettable. I suddenly realized that
      Terry had been robbed of his discovery. Alex had a good laugh and
      gave the set back to Terry who then announced that there were two
      sets in the drawer he had been rummaging through. We BOTH got
      presents from Alex!

      Terry and I left feeling like two missionaries who had made a
      convert. We promised to send a sample of Ztrack Magazine and to
      forward news from the world of Z scale.

      The rest of the afternoon was spent in great conversation and fine
      eating at Tuckers Market Restaurant. We made more plans for Germany
      next March and made hotel reservations for Nashville, TN in
      preparation for the Great American Train Show (GATS) to be held July
      7-8, 2001 on the weekend before the NTS in St. Louis. We also
      decided that Monday morning we would make one final HSS before our
      friends had to continue their journey.

      Stay tuned for the final episode in the Great Toronto HSS
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