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HSS expedition to Toronto (Part 3)

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    Welcome back! As you can see from the photos, the weather in Toronto was sunny and very comfortable. There were no leaves on the trees but the next warm spell
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2001
      Welcome back!

      As you can see from the photos, the weather in Toronto was sunny and
      very comfortable. There were no leaves on the trees but the next
      warm spell would help them explode into foliage.

      The expedition was getting low on energy so we decided to head over
      to Mount Pleasant Road and park near George's Trains. The plan was
      to partake of Toronto's best family fish and chip restaurant. As
      luck would have it, we found a parking spot, found a free table at
      the restaurant and best of all, we found that they had Vernor's
      Ginger Ale! Although I hadn't mentioned it, Terry's second mission
      on this trip to Toronto was to find a supply of Vernor's Ginger Ale.
      It seems that he grew up with it and he could not find any on the
      west coast. We now knew that Vernor's was somewhere to be found in
      the Toronto area...the hunt was on!

      After a great meal and exotic pop...Vernor's, P.E.I. Birch Beer and
      Lemon Ricky?? our party split in two, the men heading to George's and
      the women heading in the opposite direction!

      Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of George's Trains. George no
      longer greets visitors but there were enough friendly staff to take
      care of a bus load of model railroaders. George's doesn't carry Z,
      unfortunately but it is a Micro-Trains Line authorized dealer so I
      was able to place my order for 5 sets of MTL #902 short shank
      replacement couplers. They also carry a good selection of tools,
      scenery materials and G, Lionel, HO and N scale. The main reason that
      I stop in at George's is that it is the closest train shop to my home
      so whenever I need a train fix, I can zip over and back without too
      much trouble.

      Terry picked up a Relco unit for $30 Canadian, you do the math! and I
      managed to keep my wallet in my pocket for a second straight HSS,

      By the time we connected with our better halves, it was too late to
      attempt another HSS, most stores in Toronto close at 5pm on
      Saturday. We hopped back in the car and cruised back to the
      apartment parking garage. It was a little too early to contemplate
      supper so we decided to visit Canada's #1 tourist attraction with
      over 8 million visitors a year...Niagara Falls? Nope...the CN tower?
      Nope...the Eaton Centre shopping mall. With 500 stores and 4 levels
      stretching 3 city blocks, the Eaton Centre is like a black hole for
      shoppers and tourists alike. Somehow, by some miracle, we escaped, I
      think it was the security gaurd throwing us out at the 6pm closing
      time. Soon we were back on Yonge Street meandering along with a
      thousand other wierd and wonderfully dressed individuals trying to
      not step in something nasty, shaking off panhandlers, politely
      declining miracle cures and religious conversion, plugging our ears
      to the resulting din from warring drummers on the main corner until
      we could take refuge in a Hard Rock Cafe. Why? because Terry had a
      3rd mission...to get a set of collector pins for a friend back home.
      Terry has many missions in life!

      We finally made it back to the quiet of the apartment where we
      immediately put on a DVD and ordered in the best pizza in the city.

      Sunday would be another great day in our HSS and Vernor's Ginger Ale
      expedition. Stay tuned for part 4...
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