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Weekend HSS`s and great company! (Part 1)

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    Hi Gang, Last weekend was especially enjoyable for me and my wife, Marthe (Stamperdream). We had the great pleasure of sharing a wonderful 3 days of hobby
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001
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      Hi Gang,

      Last weekend was especially enjoyable for me and my wife, Marthe
      (Stamperdream). We had the great pleasure of sharing a wonderful 3
      days of hobby shop stops (HSS) and planning for our travels together
      this summer and next spring with Terry and Helen Sutfin.

      The chronicle of our adventures will be too long for one message so
      you can expect a series of reports, each one highlighting a HSS with
      references to pictures of each stop. Hopefully, this first message
      will serve to whet your appetites for the rest.

      Day 1, Friday pm at the airport...

      Terry was in the East to visit family in New York and decided to rent
      a car and join us for a Spring weekend in Toronto. Our agreed
      meeting place was at the passenger pick-up ramp of the arrivals area
      of Terminal 2, Peason International Airport. Why? parking rates
      downtown are usurious! so we planned on dropping off Terry's rental
      at the long term lot.

      As we drove up to the "Absolutely No Parking on Penalty of
      Death...passenger pick-up area, column 3" under the scowling regard
      of the 2 traffic cops policing the area, we scanned anxiously the
      dozens of faces pouring out of the exits at the appointed time for
      our rendez-vous. We were about to be waved on our way by the closest
      unfriendly cop when we heard a greeting from Terry. He was on the
      opposite side of the ramp where he had managed to park his rental for
      the weekend for nothing! As he came up to join us, he asked if we
      minded another passenger in the car, pointing to a person standing
      beside a column nearby. Marthe, my wife, started shouting, if not
      screaming, and laughing with joy. Our mystery passenger was none
      other than Helen Sutfin! She had decided spontaneously that morning,
      to hop in a plane and join her hubby and us for the weekend! Thank
      goodness for frequent flyer points and flight coupons!

      Well, we made so much noise laughing and hugging that 2 traffic cops
      came over blowing whistles to quell the mini riot taking place on
      their beat. Once the bags were in the car and the seat belts in
      place, we headed to Applebee's Family restaurant in order to pacify
      the gods of travellers...as some of you might recall, we had been
      marooned in Redding, CA for 3 days last summer where we ate all of
      our meals at Applebees! No sense in taking any chances!

      Of course, once we were safely insalled at our table with tall
      glasses of presweetened Canadian ice-tea Helen wanted to know what
      the agenda was...

      1. HSS`s planned for the weekend: Westend Toronto Trains, John's
      Hobbies, Georges Trains, Den of Trains and Panther Hobbies.
      2. Finalize plans for our upcoming extraordinary adventure at the
      2001 National Train Show in St. Louis, MO in July.
      3. Discuss the logistics and set milestones for our planned trip to
      Sinsheim, Germany in March 2002 for Faszination Modellbau.
      4. Play with the Val Ease Central and identify fixes needed for

      Our next stop would be Westend Toronto Trains Saturday morning at
      11am. Stay tuned for part 2...
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