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Re: [z_scale] email attachments

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  • Roy Stevens
    I am not here to squash free speech or the exchange of information , but I m sure I am not the only one that has limited time and is a member of more than
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2001
      I am not here to squash "free speech" or the "exchange of information", but
      I'm sure I am not the only one that has limited time and is a member of more
      than one email list. To conserve time I subscribe using the digest, which
      automatically filters out attachments, whether or not they are enabled by
      the moderator. So please be considerate, and if you do attach things to
      your emails, also spend the extra 30 seconds to upload them to the files
      area and provide a link so the rest of us can enjoy. Or at least add a
      description so I can determine whether it is worth my time to go dig through
      the messages area of the group to find whatever it was that was attached.

      Roy Stevens

      >Hello Nelson,
      >Somewhere someone made the decision to cripple
      >our email exchange of information. Removing the
      >pictures from our email has made the group very
      >uninteresting. Now, instead of responding to many
      >of our groups ideas and postings, I just delete the
      >emails. I don't have time to go to "Yahoo Groups"
      >and follow their internacine links to the relevant
      >postings. So this is not as much fun as it used to be
      >and has become equivalent to putting a gag on free speech.
      >Anyone who now has a graphic and wants to communicate
      >it to the rest of the group should (as a rule) at least include
      >a link to that specific upload in "Yahoo Groups" so we
      >don't have to hunt and peck to find it.
      >Otherwise if you want to help Alex, you will have to email him
      >directly. At least personal email still accepts graphic
      >Reynard Wellman

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