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Re: [Z_Scale] AlwayZ Assume the BeZt [was Re: Further to: GP-35 Pictures..a request]

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  • David George
    Thanks ,Jim,,for your cogent remarks. I ll just add that a heated response is best typed as you feel,,but left to cool off in the hold file before sending. We
    Message 1 of 27 , Oct 31, 2005
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      Thanks ,Jim,,for your cogent remarks. I'll just add that a heated response is best typed as you feel,,but left to cool off in the hold file before sending.
      We are a friendly and peaceful group,,with strong allegiances toward all things GOOD FOR Z Scale.

      Mister Dave

      jim_manley_alpha_six <jim.manley@...> wrote:
      GreetingZ All,

      After a very trying month, I'm in the mood for some PhiloZophae, so
      those who know of my voluminous posts can skip or peruse as is their
      normal preference, and those who don't know can read on to find out
      which choice they should make in the future. For the hypercritical,
      this is on-topic because I'm attempting to make life here in ZeeLand
      just a little bit better than I found it, just like my campsites.

      This group is only what we, the members, make of it. It doesn't
      "belong" to the moderators, and I think they would be the first to
      agree with that statement. It doesn't even "belong" to its founder,
      Jeffrey MacHan, because he created it for the expressed purpose of
      enabling us, the members, to share and share alike our tips,
      techniques, discoveries ... and opinions (which are like posterior
      orifices - we all have at least one :) There are no, and will never
      be, any elitists here, because we won't stand for it, and anyone who
      suggests heading in that direction will instantly be invited to step
      back more than a few feet for the more strategic view (preferably
      toward the edge at the top of the mountain so that they can quickly
      improve the view for the rest of the group ;)

      If we allow the group to become dominated by elitists, then it will
      only belong to them. However, if we allow it to become dominated by
      narrow-minded, unimaginative less-than-Neanderthals, it will belong to
      them just as surely. Fortunately, I've seen no evidence that we're in
      danger of becoming overpopulated by either kind anytime soon.
      However, there is a third type of member that we need to be certain
      none of us becomes, and that's the accidental antagonist - someone who
      jumps to the wrong conclusion, flies off the handle, and otherwise
      spends a significant amount of time swallowing both feet. That's
      exactly what happened after Glen innocently suggested - not demanded,
      required, or otherwise tried to force the issue - that people might
      consider enhancing photos of their loco and rolling stock modeling
      efforts with some scenic background. Then, a misinterpretation
      happened, followed immediately by the piling-on, which just spiraled
      nearly out of control (chaos theorists call this the "strange
      attractor" phenomenon - a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can
      cause a supertyphoon to form over the Western Pacific Ocean under the
      right (or wrong) set of circumstances, which are akin to a
      super-saturated solution of sugar dissolved in a glass of water, that
      is then tapped and transformed instantly into a complex crystalline

      I would strongly recommend (but, you're free to do as you wish, as
      always) that everyone look at others' posts from the most benign point
      of view imaginable (or, even unimaginable) and assume the best, not
      the worst, of intentions, especially from those here who have not only
      amply demonstrated that they know what they're talking about, but have
      done so in a consistently congenial and collegial manner. Then, write
      your response with your tongue planted firmly in your cheek, and
      sprinkle it liberally with some self-deprecation, smilies, and other
      indications of humor (or, for our Commonwealth members, humour :)
      Then, go back over it with a fine-toothed comb and weed out anything
      that might be misconstrued as being the least derogatory or just plain
      mean. One of the most valuable lessons I've ever learned (and had to
      keep relearning) is that the most successful people (especially
      effective leaders, salespeople, and politicians) are those who are
      mentally able to put themselves into someone else's shoes. It's a
      skill that a few are born with, but everyone else (including me) needs
      to practice - a whole lot - to learn. Try it, you'll like it (if you
      please ;) and everyone you're responding to will appreciate it.

      Don't worry, be happy. In our posts here, we often don't solve the
      problems of achieving world peace, feeding all the hungry, housing all
      the homeless, and otherwise helping the meek inherit the Earth -
      that's what the Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon chat sessions
      are for (and if you haven't been participating, now you know what
      you've been missing :)

      OK, enough philosophic theory, practice, opinion and blasphemy for one
      night. BTW, my workload and personal obligations have made it
      impossible for me to keep up with all of the posts during the week,
      and darn near impossible even on the weekends - so, keep up the great

      All Z BeZt,

      [ Poster's identity suppressed to avoid embarrassment ]
      > I would truly hate to see Z become splintered into something of an
      > elitist faction and then "everyone else." I've seen it happen in
      > other scales, and I sense that in some respects I'm already
      > beginning to see it happen here. That would be a real shame.

      -Z- WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!


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