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Re: [Z_Scale] Searails & Design Your Own Products

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  • David George
    Fred, I DID get a Design Your Own station. They are extremely precise,,no flash cleaning required. I m very pleased with it. A very good value for $. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2005
      I DID get a "Design Your Own" station. They are extremely precise,,no flash cleaning required. I'm very pleased with it. A very good value for $.
      I actually got a first edition station that was not exactly my design ( I believe the order detail mistake was my fault ) but a phone call corrected that and next delivery was quick and correct.
      I sent Mr Visser a full critique and favorable opinion of his product and service. I expected him to publish my remarks to this forum and on his web site.

      I've ordered Power Station from Searails and indicated I would order large quantities of car / truck items too.
      Mister Dave

      Fred Ladd <zeagle99@...> wrote:
      We now have a manufacturer who is striving to fill a big void in Z.
      Namely Z buildings and cars. They have put forth a big effort and the
      least the Z scale community can do is make comments- Yea or Nea.
      How many messages, these past months, have been on the GP-35
      and "got this" or that?
      We should encourage all manufactures in Z!
      I am in no way connected to Searails, though I have tried behind the
      scenes to assist with comments, and Jim can confirm- GOOD and BAD.
      What ever happened to the "Design your own" station. Mr. Dave did you
      get one and if so any comments?
      Has anyone found any Z treasures in the outback- doll shows etc.

      -Z- WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!

      Model railroad train G scale model train Ho scale model train Model train n scale Scale model train Z scale model train


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