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Digital "Z".....

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    Hello Ole, Hello Anders, Hello all, for quite a couple of days, I have been following the discussion about Digital Z with great interest - no grin ! Did
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 1999
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      Hello Ole,
      Hello Anders,
      Hello all,

      for quite a couple of days, I have been following the discussion about
      "Digital Z" with great interest - no "grin" !

      Did anyone think of "SELECTRIX 2000" by TRIX, which has not been an invention
      for the next century - it has been existing for about 10 to 15 years ...

      If you are fast enough with typing in the different numbers for
      forward/backward, the no./address and speed of each loco - no problem
      (grin...) at all to run and manoeuver 3 locos on ONE flextrack of 60 cm !!! -
      And this is nothing but the truth !

      The decoder has the following dimensions: 14 x 9 x 2,5 mm. A very similar
      discussion was going on on the mailing list of the Z-Club 92 not too long
      ago. Below, you can find pasted, what I wrote at that time - I believe,
      Anders Lattermann, was involved there, too (?)

      Hereafter, the email address of Heiko Schroeter who as well has/had an own
      project running. I have sent him an email, too, in order to know how far he
      has gone and to "prepare" him that he might get some emails and questions


      "Old email":

      TRIX offers this system already for years - "Selectrix 2000" from TRIX, which
      has been evaluated over the years. Smallest decoder measures 14 x 9 x 2,5 mm
      !!! Get yourself a prospectus and you will see.... and start dreaming......

      To my mind this system is simply fantastic ! - I have tried it out already
      myself by installing it under the roof of a cheese loco....- the problem one
      will face is the heat produced by the decoder, which is able to turn the
      housing a the cheese loco into a Swiss Fondue.....- but installing it in the
      tender of a steamer, like 8899, 8891/2/3 for example, can eliminate this
      danger, because one can install enough metal in the right place to take away
      the heat. By doing this, you will face another problem: 4 cables have to
      connect the decoder in the tender with the motor in the loco. But, to my
      mind, this problem, too can be solved rather easily.

      I remember that Mr. Harald Freudenreich from "FR", once equipped a brown
      e-loco of the type "8851" with this system and even designed a very small PCB
      for it !

      Ok, that's what I had to say !

      Have a great analogue Sunday evening still !

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