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Re: Centerflow Hopper Update

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  • Allan Borg
    ... ready for a big order? ... kit contain. ... included or do we have to ... GP38 s. ... I have a bad mold of the high nose, it started tearing and the pieces
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 29, 2005
      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, harold grady <butch60619@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Allan, wonderful news for all of us covered hopper nuts. Are you
      ready for a big order?
      > Break it down to us. What is the cost per kit and what does each
      kit contain.
      > As we discussed before about the end braces will you have inserts
      included or do we have to
      > fashion them ourselves. PS what is the delay on the high nose
      > Harold Grady
      > Hi Harold
      I have a bad mold of the high nose, it started tearing and the pieces
      look like crap. To top that off I misplaced my master pattern and
      haven't been able to remold from it. I did make a sliced upper body
      cut off at the walkway which I think I told you about my plan to make
      a separate walkway lower frame and include a fuel tank and air
      cylinders. I also will make new pilots and steps plus make mounting
      holes for Micro-Trains F7 Trucks to make a dummy engine kit. Please
      be patient as my wife thinks this is all a waste of valuable time
      that could be put to other money making enterprises.
      If you want some of the etched ladders I can sell you some once my
      orders have been met. I also owe you some roofwalks that will
      complete your hoppers, I'm really please how the walks bring out the

      I figure that I will sell the kits if people want that at maybe $18
      just the way I sent them to you including all the parts and decals
      minus trucks.
      Speak at you later,
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