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Re: Paint Poll (& spray booth)

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    How zee Gang? Jeffrey MacHan here! I ll throw my hat into the ring concerning the paint poll. I must point out however, that my experience with airbrushing
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 1999
      How'zee Gang?

      Jeffrey MacHan here!

      I'll throw my hat into the ring concerning the paint poll. I must point out
      however, that my experience with airbrushing has largely been with
      one-off's. I tend to do one of something, forget how I did it and then try
      to remember what I had done when I decide to do a similar project.

      The last time that this happened to me was when I added a 6th passenger car
      to my Union Pacific varnish. Previously, I had stripped, painted and
      decaled 5 M�rklin cars in UP yellow and grey with terrific and durable
      results. When I finally found the sleeper that I had been dreaming about, I
      had to replicate the same or almost the same paint blends and finishing
      techniques. Fortunately, UP paint schemes varied slightly from car to car
      and from engine to engine. I was very relieved to learn that my slip-ups
      were quite prototypical.

      Let me digress for a moment to speak to the issue of a paint spray booth.
      Since I do not paint model trains for a living, I rarely have need to take
      out my single action Badger air brush. My infrequent need and lack of
      storage space makes a permanent or commercial booth a poor investment.

      Let me digress from my digression for a moment. I did however, invest in a
      compressor which has saved me money in the long term and provided a much
      better air stream than the compressed air cans that I started out with.

      Now back to my digression...I used a large cardboard packing box as my spray
      booth. I taped a sheet of newspaper on the back wall so that I could see
      the spray pattern when testing the air brush.

      I cut out a 2" wide rectangle on opposing sides of the box along the bottom
      edge. When the box is placed on its side for use as a spray booth, these
      slits would be like vertical windows allowing air to move through the box
      and light to enter.

      I would always use a model positioning stand with two alligator clips on its
      arms to hold the model to be painted. Of course, I placed the model holder
      near the back of the box. The Box was installed out of doors on a newspaper
      covered table on the balcony of the apartment or in the back yard back when
      we had a back yard.

      To move the air through the box, I simply placed our trusty variable speed
      room fan behind and to the side of me blowing air into the box at low speed.
      The air would exit the box through the slits at the back. The slits would
      also allow light into the box to illuminate the model.

      Now the purpose of such a box was basically to allow me to easily test the
      spray pattern from the brush, to speed up clean-up and to avoid air brushing
      the balcony railing or the cat.

      At the moment I have six brass hoppers to paint. I also have just the box I
      need for the job! I also know where the paints, the compressor, the model
      stand and the cat are. If only I can remember where I put the air brush!

      Oh Great! This introduction has taken up so much space that I'll complete
      the following questionnaire next posting. I'm going to have to remember
      what I did in order to do the hoppers in any case.

      As the great American classical composer Johann Sebastian Schwarzenneger
      once said: I'll be Bach!

      Paint (primer):
      Paint (finish coat):
      How much thinner:
      Internal/External Mix Air Brush:
      Method of Gloss coat (for decals):
      Method of Dull coat (for finished product):
      Where you get your decals:
      Methods of "fixing" and "sealing" decals
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