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    ... What I learned from generation one of several, is that you do not need a hurricane of air going through the spray booth. All you need is air flow. Period.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 1999
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      > >... So, I'm staying with the computer
      > >type, where the blades shield the motor from overspray paint dust.
      > I was wondering whether these type where strong enough to draw the fumes
      > out. How many do you use?

      What I learned from generation one of several, is that you do not need a
      hurricane of air going through the spray booth. All you need is air flow.
      Period. And filters. Two 30 cu/ft/min fans are great. Actually, one would
      probably have done the job as well.

      Look at it this way. Compute the volume of the inside of your box. You want
      the air inside to be completely changed out every one or two minutes. Look
      at the label on the fan. You'll probably note that even the smallest fan can
      move that much air in just seconds. Unless you have a walk-in booth (my
      ultimate "dream" after I win the million buck contest advertised on the
      breakfast food boxes).

      If you have 12 volt fans from a salvaged computer, a small power supply will
      power them. They only draw about 7 watts each. The label will tell you. A
      10 to 12 volt dc supply would work. They actually run quieter at 10v by the
      way. The 110vac (or 220vac) fans are a little harder to find at junk prices.
      Both move air just the same.

      Remember, what my hands can do, your hands may not. My idea of a pretty lady
      may not match yours. We all have different natural tallents. We all have
      different preferences. You may not like my ideas. Thank heavens for the
      differences. It would be a boring world with identical perfect people and
      perfect model RR layouts.

      I'm not the ultimate source of information. I'm just suffering from a bad
      case of passion for Z. Make that Z "scale" modeling. I leave the green
      painted plywood and no scenery layouts for the HO folks.

      Plan to experiment. Find what works for you.

      > On another note, what type of paints do you use?

      Oh my. I've experimented with them all. I'm still on that learning curve.


      PLEASE let us know what YOU use. I urgently need the experiences of others
      and so does Pete.

      Paint (primer):
      Paint (finish coat):
      How much thinner:
      Internal/External Mix Air Brush:
      Method of Gloss coat (for decals):
      Method of Dull coat (for finished product):
      Where you get your decals:
      Methods of "fixing" and "sealing" decals

      > Thanks for all the other great tips.

      You're quite welcome. I'm full of useless facts no one wants to know about.
      But I bet I don't know 10% of the real experts out there that are lurking on
      the list.

      Jump in folks. If I like your idea, I'll print it out and put it my
      scrapbook. I'll tell everyone it was MY idea. <grin>

      If I don't like your ideas, I have a key on the keyboard just to the left of
      Enter, marked "Del". Works great.

      But I can't do either if you are silent.

      Bill Kronenberger

      Get those trains out of your museum and build a layout. Its great fun.
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