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Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Converting an AZL SD-40-2 to a SD-38

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  • Tom Fisher
    Brazing is or used to be used for high quality bicycle frames before they were made from titanium and carbon fibre. The stresses at the lugs were pretty high
    Message 1 of 11 , Feb 27, 2005
      Brazing is or used to be used for high quality bicycle
      frames before they were made from titanium and carbon
      fibre. The stresses at the lugs were pretty high -- I
      can't imagine brazing being used with anyting Z.

      --- Michael Hilliard <mchwilton@...> wrote:

      > Hello,
      > Since I've seen some AZL's not completely painted
      > inside with some solder joints exposed and the color
      > being grayish silver in color (probably discolored
      > from laquer clear coating), I "think" it's safe to
      > say they are soft soldered or hard silver soldered.
      > Brass of this size would never be brazed and I
      > believe Manfred you are refering to silver bearing
      > solder rather than true silver solder that is used
      > for hard soldering. I dought but it is possible they
      > are hard silver soldered, but to me it would make
      > more sence to brass hard solder, to keep color
      > uniform, but this does not appear to be the case.
      > Hard silver solder is as hard as silver but with
      > additives to slightly lower it's melting temp. Brass
      > hard solder is usually the same hardness as brass
      > but also contains additives, including gold, to
      > lower it's melting temp. It is usually sold in small
      > thin sheets that are then cut into 1mm squares, or
      > in paste form. After fluxing the joint to be applied
      > to the small sq. of solder is melted with a torch
      > (micro torch) and picked up with a titanium solder
      > pick. Then the joint is heated with the torch and
      > the solder is placed on the joint til it melts and
      > flows to the heat of the torch. Great care must be
      > taken to melt the solder but not melt the pieces
      > being soldered. The end result is a bond as strong
      > as the brass itself or if silver is used a little
      > softer but still much harder than soft
      > silver/tin/etc. based solder that melts with a
      > soldering iron.
      > Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not a experienced
      > brazer, but brazing involves a brazing rod that is
      > the metal (solder) to use to make the bond, also
      > requires a torch and high temps, but also slightly
      > melts the edges of the metal to be bonded.
      > Saying all this, it is likely they are soft soldered
      > (low temp.) but they could be high temp (1150 - 1365
      > degrees) silver soldered, I wouldn't rule this out.
      > Just my addition to this topic,
      > Michael Hilliard
      > "M. G." <afn47583@...> wrote:
      > Brazing is a much higher temp process. I doubt that
      > they will be brazed.
      > Maybe silver solder which is higher temp then
      > regular solder but still
      > lower then brazing. In strength the regular
      > soldering is the weakest but
      > still way strong enough for our little trains. The
      > brazing would be the
      > strongest but overkill and probably very difficult
      > to do with the thin
      > brass involved since the brazing rod is also brass.
      > If you've ever
      > chased holes in rusty sheetmetel with a welder then
      > you know what that
      > would be like.
      > --
      > Manfred G
      > -Z- WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in
      > Small DoseZ!
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