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[z_scale] Re:New König-Ludwig II Set / Car

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  • altacrest@aol.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2001
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      << I ordered the König-Ludwig II loco and two of the matching
      passenger cars rather than the set from http://www.lokshop.de/. The
      loco was item #88921 and the cars were a special item id #MARRBZWG.
      Together it was 354,92 DM, plus shipping to the US, and minus the EU
      VAT it was approximately $150.00 US. They were very good about
      sending a confirmation when I ordered the items, and they also sent an
      email when they shipped. They do have the starter set you are looking
      for on their web page for 559,00 DM, item id #MARRBZSP.
      Nice looking set! >>

      Thanks for the info, George!
      I had seen the #81563 König Ludwig II set on E-Bay a couple of times, it sold
      for $220/$250 but wondered what the actual price at the Theater is.

      Gudi Molinari
      Las Vegas, NV
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