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Eastern States Expo. Train Show report!!!

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  • Michael
    Hi All, Live from Public Housing in Wilton, CT USA (yes I read tonights posts when I first got home, before this post ), I came home about 2 hrs. ago
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2005
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      Hi All,

      Live from Public Housing in Wilton, CT USA (yes I read tonights
      posts when I first got home, before this post<smile>), I came home
      about 2 hrs. ago from the Big E. Train Show in W. Springfield, MA.
      At close at 5pm they announced over 10,000 in attendance just for
      today (saturday), no wonder I didn't get to see everything.

      Not to mention finally meeting our founder, Jefferrrierie (I know
      you'll correct my spelling <smile>) MacHan. We must have spoke for
      about a hour and Conrail Ray, from Jersey, showed up and stopped
      busting my A-- about how could my crossing gates be so small and
      work til he saw with his own eyes <smile>. Martha was there also
      with a HOn3 layout, incredibaly detailed. Jim Manley was supost to
      be there, but no where to be found and reportedly never checked in.
      I had a FRED instruction sheet for you since I never sent you one
      because your's was the first and installed for you for a gunderson.
      I wanted to bust on you by pointing out that I wired your on off
      switch reverse of the instructions, everyone elses turns on turning
      clockwise <zmile>. Elliot from L.I. was reportedly there also today,
      but I missed meetting him.

      There was very little Z at the show from what I saw and heard,
      besides Jeff, only 3 vendors with anything Z, 2 with Prieser figures
      which I bought, and the Nansen Street Models, N Scale Arcitect, and
      he was out of the 2 Items I wanted, waaa. I'll order them on-line. I
      was disappointed not to find anything on my Z shopping list.

      On a brighter note, I couldn't find the MTL booth and it wasn't
      listed on the map, but Ray reported seeing the MTL track samples
      with molded plastic roadbed including switches and that they were
      running the chassie only (no shell) of the new GP35, and he was
      quite impressed with it's running. The track was described as being
      similar to Kato's N track system with roadbed. Wish I could have
      seen it.

      I almost forgot about one other Z vendor, Berkshire Junction that
      makes Z flashing crossing signals, no gates, and uses bulbs for
      thoughs interested, but I looked at mine and just had to say, buy em
      if you like, but they are not as to scale as my crossing gates with
      flashers, I expected to see better than my complicated ones with
      gates. I do not recomend either of thier over priced control
      circuits either, go to paisley.com, I really need to look up the ULR
      to post, cheap and effective and based on what I'll make, mine will
      just be a shrunk down integrated version and smaller detectors, and
      a little more expensive, but those on a buget can get control
      circuits for under $50, much less if you build it yourself, as
      little as $20 or less.

      Enough self promoting, It was great to meet 2 more people from this
      list today, 3 now total. and I left feeling good, hey jim, that's a
      first without drugz <smile>, thats why I'm still smiling because I
      found new friends, walked away with inspiration from all scales, and
      had a great day even though I didn't find anything much to Zpend
      Zome Money on, and didn't have a reaZon to tezt my tazzer gun, we're
      humane here in the Wilton projectz <zmile> jim.

      From a tyred Public Housing resident in Wilton, CT (2 hr's from W.
      Springfild Train Show),

      Michael Hilliard
      P.O. Box 273
      Wilton, CT 06897
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