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FW: [n_scale] Soldering Track and Switches

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  • John & Sue Bartolotto
    Got this off of the Yahoo n_scale group. What do y’all think of this soldering technique? John ... From: André Kritzinger [mailto:grela@iafrica.com] Sent:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2004
      Got this off of the Yahoo n_scale group. What do y’all think of this
      soldering technique?


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      From: André Kritzinger [mailto:grela@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2004 11:41 PM
      To: n_scale@yahoogroups.com; Eric Maiwald
      Subject: Re: [n_scale] Soldering Track and Switches

      I'd suggest that you only use unsoldered track joiners on turnouts, just
      in case it becomes necessary to remove the turnout from the layout somewhere
      in the future. Getting it out of set ballast without damage is hard enough
      without having to try and unsolder it from the rest of the track at the same
      time, especially when the soldering has also been weathered or painted over.
      Been there..... <vbg>
      But I'd also strongly advise you to solder drop feeders to all the
      turnout rails before installing it. If you use DCC and there's no need to
      depend on the turnout's point rails to supply power to the diverging or the
      straight ahead rails, also add drop feeders to both point rails before
      installation, to make them live permanently. There's a good reason for
      I lowered my layout from the ceiling today after it had been trainless
      for about 4 months while I became a temporary eBay dealer, and proceeded to
      test all my turnouts with a continuity tester. Of the 50 turnouts on the
      layout, all Peco Insulfrogs, no less than 13 had one or more dead rails that
      must now be equipped with new drop feeders to ensure trouble free running.
      This is caused by dirt, glue and oxidation that eventually impede the
      electrical contact between track joiners and rails. Fortunately I did wire
      up all my point rails long ago so the painful task of wiring up a point rail
      on an installed turnout is not necessary, but I do wish I'd also added drop
      feeders to the rest of the rails of all my turnouts before I installed them
      back then!
      Isn't railroading fun!!
      André, Cape Town.
      Converted from Horribly Oversized to Normal in 1978
      The Chessie System in N Scale with Digitrax DCC (Chief)
      Our website was last updated on 12 September 2003 - Look at:
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      From: "Eric Maiwald" <emaiwald@...>
      To: <n_scale@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 3:50 PM
      Subject: [n_scale] Soldering Track and Switches

      > Hey folks,
      > I am slowly moving toward putting down some track on my new layout and
      > I have a question. I know most folks solder the sections of flex track
      > together and I plan to do that. What about switches? Do you solder the
      > switches to the flex track or not? My inclination is to not solder them
      > and just use the rail joiners instead.
      > Eric

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