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Re:newbie oldie (long)

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    Hi Pattie, First let me say that you don t know the meaning of long ;-) I really enjoyed your intro. BTW you have been officially immortalized in the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 6, 2001
      Hi Pattie,

      First let me say that you don't know the meaning of long ;-)

      I really enjoyed your intro. BTW you have been officially immortalized in the 'WhoAreWe' folder of the 'Files' link. You seem to have answered a question I asked hypothetically recently about why Z scalers are such nice people. The answer that seems to be immerging is that they have so many other passtimes, hobbies, life experiences, jobs, etc. Z is only part of a rich fabric of interests that our members explore.

      It's good to have you aboard, Pattie.

      Cheers from sunny snow covered Toronto,
      Jeffrey MacHan

      --- In z_scale@egroups.com, Pattie Brixen <pb1947@e...> wrote:
      > Hi All!
      > I am one of the original Marklin z gauge owners from the 70's. Due to a
      > theft, most of my collection walked out during the early 80's and since
      > my train time had become limited then due to other factors, I never
      > quite got round to restarting...well, all that has once again changed
      > and I am actively re pushing my dream.
      > I grew up on Lionel standard gauge and was allowed to tinker with and
      > run my dad's layout. I always said "when I grow up, I am going to
      > have...." but with hobbies such as being a SCUBA dive master and
      > traveling and living my wild and woolly youth, the train went low on the
      > priority list. Z gauge fit perfectly into my life and now will do so
      > again some 20 years later!!
      > My DH is also a train buff and we will hop the Capitol express or the
      > Cal Train commuter just to spend a few hours on a train! We have
      > traveled most of the main Amtrak routes over our 24 year marriage, but
      > due to my spine problems, travel to other countries is impossible. He is
      > thinking of getting involved with garden railway, but living where we we
      > do in San Francisco, gardens are too small here. Maybe when we buy our
      > dream retirement house...we also have 9 cats, a large dog, 4 parrots and
      > numerous other small things that find their way home with me from the
      > veterinary E.R.
      > So, moms' train will stay hidden from sight...they already chase the N
      > gauge so there is no hope that if they got hold of a piece of z rolling
      > stock, I would never see it again!
      > Sorry this ran so long. Looking forward to meeting you all and hearing
      > all about your layouts!
      > Pattie in chilly San Francisco
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