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RE: [Z_Scale] John's German Reference Photos

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  • John & Sue Bartolotto
    Peter, Funny you should ask about Bad Nauheim! I used to live there years ago (1983-1990). What a fantastic town! I have numerous photos of the Bad Nauheim
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 28, 2004
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      Funny you should ask about Bad Nauheim! I used to live there years ago
      (1983-1990). What a fantastic town! I have numerous photos of the Bad
      Nauheim station - I'll send you some and post some also. You'll be very
      surprised as to what it really looks like - Kirbi did a good job, but not
      totally accurate. Did you try this web site:


      Below is some more information I got from the town's information department.



      The Bad Nauheim Bahnhof

      Bad Nauheim is a very unique place in Germany. As the legend goes it was
      when the Roman Empire controlled that part of Germany that the notoriety of
      Bad Nauheim began. The Romans loved their public baths, all that conquering
      being very tiring, a good bath eased the body and spirit. Well when they
      discovered the natural hot salt springs of Nauheim, it was a match made by
      the gods! Thus became Bad Nauheim, literally translated in to English as
      the Baths of Nauheim. Bad Nauheim has since become a health spa spot
      attracting visitors from across the globe who desire the relaxation and
      rejuvenation of its natural and char-acid salt springs. Bad Nauheim is
      situated 30 kilometers north of Frankfurt and is the largest town in the
      Wetterau district, of the German state of Hessen.
      According to Ingrid Seipel of the Bad Nauheim Information department until
      around the early 1800s Bad Nauheim was still another simple Wetterau town.
      Agriculture being its main business, when the first "Solbadeanstalt" (salt
      bath) originated in 1835. Within few decades the reputation of Bad Nauheim
      and its therapeutic baths became renowned international. Additionally the
      town grew and developed beautiful parks and forests, a wealth of artistic
      and social life events, and numerous medical institutes leading to one of
      the highest qualities of life in Hessen. With the popularity of Bad Nauheim
      growing it was only a matter of time before the railroad came to town
      transporting thousands of health and vacationing tourists. The age of the
      railways began in Bad Nauheim on December 1, 1850, when the part
      Frankfurt-Friedberg-Butzbach line of the Main-Weser-Track was opened to rail
      traffic. That same year the first station was built. The current station,
      located at the T intersection of Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Straße and
      Bahnhofsallee, that the Kibri model is based on, was constructed in 1912. I
      say “based on” because as you look at the photos you’ll see that Kibri took
      some “artistic” liberties with the design of the model (probably for ease of
      producing the kit) that are not true to the real station - primarily the
      left side of the station. Seems that Kibri made the left side a mirror
      image of the right side (see photo), which on the real station is totally
      different. This point aside, the main thing that you can do to make your
      station more realistic is to paint it, the platform and platform roof. The
      building should be painted a whitewash white, with the roof being a
      dary-grey. The platform is a light brown cement color with the roofs of the
      platforms being a dark-grey (not clear glass).
      I lived in and around Bad Nauheim for six years (so did General Patton at
      the end of WW II, as did Elvis Presley, who was stationed with the Army from
      1958 to 1960 with 1-32 Armor Battalion, 3rd Armored Division at Ray Barracks
      in Friedberg, Germany, just south of Bad Nauheim - Elvis actually lived in
      Bad Nauheim, on Goethestraße 14).
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