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January 2001 UMTRR

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    *********Reposted with permission from the author********* The Unofficial Micro-Trains® Release Report January, 2001 (Not affiliated with Micro-Trains Line,
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      *********Reposted with permission from the author*********

      The Unofficial Micro-Trains� Release Report
      January, 2001
      (Not affiliated with Micro-Trains Line, Inc.)

      Copyright (C) 2001, George J. Irwin.

      Z SCALE NEW RELEASES: No releases this month.

      Z SCALE REPRINTS: 14715, Marklin Coupler, $17.55, 14715-2,
      Micro-Trains Coupler, $19.25, Steel Caboose, Great Northern. Red with white
      lettering including number on left and right.� Early
      1960's era "Rocky" herald in center.� Road Number: X62.� Approximate Time
      Period: 1960's.� Previous Release: Road Number X52, March 1998.

      MTL picks up Z Scale in 2001 where it left off 2000, with a
      caboose. And I pick up where I left off in March 1998, wondering whether
      there was anything near a GN prototype for this car.� A little bit of
      Googling revealed that there were indeed steel cabooses numbered from X1 to
      X100.� However...

      We've got a series X1 to X30, 31 feet inside length, with an
      slanted offset cupola that reminds me of the Bachmann HO train set version
      (of which Kieran has 3 in Santa Fe, but that's beside the point).

      And there's a group numbered X66 to X85, built in 1963, and X86
      to X95, built in 1964, which were built by International and again
      look like their "typical" hack but without an extended cupola.

      And there's a photo of an X51 which looks more like an
      International Caboose Company car without an extended vision cupola, which
      is painted similarly to the MTL model, and was built in July 1962.
      Look here:
      for it.

      There is even a slogan on it: "The best way is the safe way."
      But it's not the Northeastern style that the Z Scale model is,
      that's for sure.� And oh, there are small GN heralds mounted to
      the center of the end rails.� Good luck doing that in 1:220.� A
      reference sheet cited in the Great Northern Railway Historical
      Society's website notes that the series for this caboose was X51
      to X65.� Conclusion: No, the MTL model ain't really that close.
      Well, the paint scheme is representative of what the GN was doing, and it is
      a nice complement to the Z Scale diesels.�

      *********Reposted with permission from the author*********
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