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Re: [z_scale]turnouts, scale cars, Casey Jones

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  • Reynard Wellman
    Hello Bill, I don t know which question to go at first, so I guess I ll just shotgun my chatter. First, the double slip thing: I couldn t agree more. We had
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2000
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      Hello Bill,
      I don't know which question to go at first, so I guess I'll just shotgun

      my chatter.

      First, the double slip thing: I couldn't agree more. We had the same
      problems in N scale until Kato came out with their absolutely perfect
      trackwork. In fact, it's hard to achieve a dead spot or a derailment on
      Kato turnouts and track; you have to seriously misalign the track before

      this happens. Using Kato's snap-track with built-in roadbed makes it
      almost impossible to stage a Casey Jones style train wreck!

      Another vast improvement is with Peco Code 55 track
      and turnouts. Not only do they look great, this line of track performs
      beautifully right out of the box. True, it is easier to do bad track
      work with
      Peco products because they do not have the roadbed built in, which is
      a great stabilizer, but you have to be a pretty lazy railroad man not to

      be able to fix any misalignment with Peco Code 55.

      We Zeds have little choice. But I blame myself. I'm tired of pulling out
      and trying to find out what heck is wrong with them. Maybe I'm trying to
      do too
      much in a small space. Stan Jones builds beautiful Code 40 turnouts.
      They are
      #10 turnouts, whereas Marklin's are #4 or #6 (someone help me). I wish
      he would go into the turnout business!

      Road width and scale cars? It's almost January and I'm releasing a
      amount of three different types of Z scale Model T brass kits next week
      They are to scale. Checkout http://www.micronart.com Some guys
      are already sneaking orders in, so I'm shipping early. This batch will
      sell out

      Hey, I got a call from Marklin and the little Casey Jones set has
      finally arrived!
      Get a hold of Bill Ott or Casa Royale or Stoneleigh.

      Anybody in the market for a Z scale old time 1910 Benz fire truck? If
      good response
      it might come shortly after the Capitol City Passenger Station.

      Regards to all,

      bjkronen@... wrote:

      > ....I belong to a number of list groups (Z, N, G) and have experience
      > working in
      > those scales too. And HO before that. No matter the scale, no matter
      > the
      > brand, the performance of turnouts is a constant topic on the
      > respective list
      > groups. If you search eGroups, you'll get thousands of "hits" on the
      > topic
      > across many list groups.
      > Bottom line: Absolute no one makes a perfect turnout, consistently.
      > No
      > matter the brand or scale, fine tuning is always required, including
      > all the
      > areas Jeffrey cited above, and more. ...
      > It really pays to go over a turnout BEFORE you install it in the
      > layout, only
      > to find that you have to dig it back out later, or make repairs where
      > it
      > sits. Alas, I'm still guilty of putting them down without a pre-test
      > and
      > checkout when I get in a hurry. When will I learn.
      > Regards,
      > Bill Kronenberger
      > Houston
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