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RE: [z_scale] Zee and another "Z" but here in the East

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  • Fr. Merkle
    That s great!.....A railroad stop called Zee!!!! Adding to that, here is about a interlocking tower called Z but here on the East Coast: I hope to model a
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2004
      That's great!.....A railroad stop called Zee!!!!

      Adding to that, here is about a interlocking tower called "Z" but here on
      the East Coast:

      I hope to model a section of the West End of the B&O from Keyser, WV to
      Altamont, MD (Altamont is at the crest of the Eastern Contential Divide.)
      That is basically from the bottom to the top of what is known as the "17
      Mile Grade". (The bottom of that grade actually starts a little west of
      Keyser at Piedmont, WV). Anyways, ....the B&O always gave their
      interlocking/switch towers call letters which were placed in the top window
      closest to the tracks at both ends of these towers so that approaching
      trains could see and easily identify where they were.

      Well, guess what the call letters are for the interlocking tower at the
      western end of the Keyser yard? What else but "Z". Isn't that cool?! I
      wish I could show y'all a picture of it...but if any of you have Roberts
      book "WEST END: The B&O from Cumberland to Grafton", you will see a picture
      of it in there.

      I drove up there two weeks ago and got to see it (and touch it) myself....I
      also visited other places along there just to get a feel of what I wanted to
      model and what it all looked like in real life. So, I got to see Keyser,
      Altamont, Deer Park, Oakland, Terra Alta etc. "Z" tower is still an active
      tower with a helper engine (for the 17 mile grade) waiting there for a call
      and a crew. BUT, the letters are gone from the windows! Too bad!!

      A side note: Just as Reynard Wellman of Micron-Art agreed put the name
      "Keyser" on that Austin station that he has for me (see it on his site), he
      also agreed to put a little "Z" up in the appropriate windows of the one of
      the switching towers that he built for me (for that Keyser tower), and an
      "AM" up in the appropriate windows of my other tower (for the Altamont
      tower--which I also got to visit and touch)! Thanks for agreeing to that
      Mr. Wellman! True, none of those structures are built according to B&O
      prototypes, but you sometimes just have to get what you can get!!!


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      A couple of days ago Sam Berliner, III (web site:
      http://home.att.net/~Berliner-Ultrasonics/z-scale.html )
      on the way from New York to Seattle stopped by the
      Zthek factory (sweatshop and research center).
      Later we drove to Perris, to visit the Orange Empire
      Railway Museum. It's a wonderful place, our host
      Jerry Murray showed all the treasures we couldn't
      even imagine, but the icing on the cake was an old sign
      of a railroad stop between Richmond and Stockton (I think
      it's now in Antioch, California), named ZEE. Yes, ZEE.
      I've posted a photo of the sign, and another one with
      Sam Berliner, III and Jerry Murray. The photos can be
      find in the "Interesting" folder.

      "Z" WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!

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