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Re: [z_scale] Re: Solderless Leads

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  • Michael Hilliard
    Hi Tom and all, I dug out the feeder track and put it with your goodies. It sounds to me that your original question has been answered at this point, so I
    Message 1 of 15 , Jun 30, 2004
      Hi Tom and all,

      I dug out the feeder track and put it with your goodies. It sounds to me that your original question has been answered at this point, so I won't say anymore about that.

      I do want to address the difference between temporary and permanent layouts. First you don't need many feeders for a temporary layout as long as you are working with new track and connectors and keep the track clean. When it comes to a permanent layout, the suggested 2-3' for feeders sounds good. Furthermore, I hope you learn or have the willingness to solder when making a permanent layout. For long life of your trackwork I'd suggest soldering the feeders and soldering every rail joint on the layout except for the switches, the switches may need to be serviced or replaced in the future, so we leave these "floating". I hope you'll be around at 9pm EST because you've inspired a topic for tonights voice chat, track laying 101. Hope to see you there.

      Michael Hilliard

      Tom Fisher <tfisher10@...> wrote:


      1. I started the thread. I have several Marklin
      Feeder Tracks, but I can always use another one. So
      just stick it in with the other goodies that you are
      sending to me when the package goes out the door;
      there's no need to send it separately. I figure that
      the extra weight of the Feeder Track shouldn't cause
      any increase in the shipping charges. Therefore,
      don't expect any stamps from me.

      2. The question is how to connect MULTIPLE leads --
      in addition to one or more "primary" leads -- to a
      TEMPORARY layout without soldering every dang one.
      The original question did not ask -- at least it was
      not intended to ask -- how to COMPLETELY eliminate
      soldered connections or Feeder Track for the "primary"
      lead or leads. Obviously, Marklin Feeder Track works
      fine for a TEMPORARY layout. No one has suggested it
      doesn't. I'm using 3 of them right now in very small
      TEMPORARY layouts. I want to put together several
      larger and more complex TEMPORARY layouts, but I don't
      want to stick in a bunch of Feeder Tracks and I don't
      want to solder a bunch of leads either.


      Tom Fisher

      --- Michael Hilliard <mchwilton@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > To the originator of this thread, give me your
      > address privatly off list, and I'll send you a
      > marklin feeder track for SASE, padded envelope
      > preferable, send 2 stamps & I'll provide the
      > envelope. No charge for the feeder track section.

      > Michael Hilliard
      > P.O. Box 273
      > Wilton, CT 06897
      > choochooterain@...

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