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Re: [z_scale] Re: Golden Blackhawk and Central City RR movie download link

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  • David George
    Jim, Thanks for your comments to Keith and me. That s one of the pleasures of this hobby ,,,hearing from your Peerz. I used Peco flex rail for most of the
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 29, 2004
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      Thanks for your comments to Keith and me. That's one of the pleasures of this hobby ,,,hearing from your Peerz.
      I used Peco flex rail for most of the layout , but I've been switching to MTL flex because of appearance and that it has a "memory'. When you set your curve it does not want to 'break the joint' as much as Peco. I've devised a track joiner method with the MTL flex that I use on a couple of module joints that I have designed along a curve. I couldn't use the telescope marklin track at these points. Because its on a curve ,I can flex in the MTL joiner quite nicely.
      My original mountain double slip switch is a Marklin ,,and yes ,it can be a problem. BUT,,most of my problems with this switch is the fact that I went scenery nuts around it after I installed and ended up with an ELMERS ( white glue ) double switch. I'm going to replace ( cut it out of the mod and boil out the glue ) it sometime in the next year.
      I have a 2nd dblslip on my newest mountain corner mod and it is one of the Jorger modifications. This time I have kept ELMER away and it works fine.Jeremy Brandon will help you get these if you are interested.
      Coors is my beverage of choice ( non-alcoholic). I plan to replace the industrial area in GOLDEN with an older Coors brewery. The actual/real current Coors one is a modern plant and looks"concrete dull'. Mine will be kitbashed brick and more reflective of the older brewery of 60 + years ago.
      I'm on my way to the Seattle NTS and am spending a week in transit here in the Rockies at Beaver Creek- Blackhawk-Central City- Golden and Denver.This area is the Genesis of my PIKE.
      BTW,,I've registered my Pike name with NMRA. A very nice certificate comes with the registration. Makes me feel like a real railroader.
      Keith has been my Advertising and Promotins Manager for a long time. He also is one of my best Z Friends. Thanks to him , the "G~B&CC" gets to be seen by more than just train show attendees and neighbors-family.
      Mister Dave

      jim_manley_alpha_six <jim_manley@...> wrote:
      Hi Dave and Keith,

      You've got a fantaZtic layout, Dave, and congratulationZ again on
      taking the blue ribbon home (should we expect a PabZt Blue Ribbon Beer
      brewery and/or billboardZ to pop up on the layout sometime in the near
      future, or does CoorZ have the sponsorship, since they're based in
      Golden, CO? :)

      > http://homepage.mac.com/klwzscale/FileSharing24.html

      "Z" WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!

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