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Re: MT in Europe?

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  • Seba
    Hi all I begun a small collection of Z MT scale about two years ago. Now I m selling all my Z american stuff in eBay. Endig today are an Union Pacific F-7
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 13, 1999
      Hi all
      I begun a small collection of Z MT scale about two years ago.
      Now I'm selling all my Z american stuff in eBay.
      Endig today are an Union Pacific F-7
      and five goods car
      One other loco plus 10 cars in eBay will end next week.
      Have a look
      Sebastiano Garofalo
      JRC - Ispra
      E.mail: sebastiano.garofalo@...
      E.mail: sebastiano.garofalo@...
      X.400: g=Sebastiano;s=Garofalo;p=ccrispra;a=garr;c=it

      From: jl@...
      To: z_scale@onelist.com
      Subject: Re: [z_scale] MT in Europe?
      Date: 10/09/1999 15.43

      From: "Lowenberg" <jl@...>

      Gunnar asked some time ago:

      > I was wondering if anyone in Europe has bought any
      > MT stuff? Also, has anyone living in Europe any
      > experience modelling a US environment? Is it
      > possible to buy american-style buidlings, cars etc...

      Hej Gunnar. Hur �r l�get? <-- Greeting phrase in Swedish.

      I have decided to build US because 1) They have nice trains over there
      and I
      like the US style of building layouts and 2) have you seen anything
      in Z? I guess not.

      Just home from a fantastic 4 week journey through US I have some
      of the US Z market. At first I must admit that the contacts with US
      shops was a depressing experience. Seems G scale is very popular. So
      when I
      found one who had some Z I almost bought everything they had.

      From Anders here in Stockholm I had got a tip of a shop in California
      with the help of the Model Railroader index I was able to find THE Z
      Named Loco-Boose Electric Train shop it's located in Redwood City in the
      northern part of Silicon Valley.

      When I came into the shop I first thought I was looking at N scale. What
      amount of Z! A lot of Marklin, some of the models I recognized as being
      of the catalogue for several years. But what really stroked my attention
      the MicroTrains glass counter. Yes, they have everything in an exemplary
      order, no cardboard boxes back in the rear.

      They seemed to have almost everything MicroTrains have. Every color of
      F7 and lots and lots of cars. And they were at least $15 less then the
      former shop I visited. Beside MT they also stocked the complete line of
      Marklin US Z buildings and Micro Structures brass buildings, autos and
      complete ready made Z layouts and much more.

      It was really like Christmas but (luckily?) my wife was along and
      stepped on
      the brakes before all of the travelling funds were spent.

      I had never seen a MicroTrains model in real before. My arsenal
      solely of Marklin. Three F7 (one is an A-B-A) and a Mikado steamer along
      with about 25 cars. All US models. But after MicroTrains I tend to agree
      with someone who said that Marklins are mere toys in comparison. The MT
      are a joy to look closely at. I have a good sense for proportions (at
      when comes to pictures and "things") and Marklins F7s make me laugh.
      like looking at an outstretched rubber model.

      And the MT couplers! Very tiny, real looking and works beautifully. I
      the uncoupler magnet right under the track of my test oval so it made a
      large bump but despite that it worked immediately. But I think I got the
      wrong size of magnets, they seem a bit large. Anyone who knows if I can
      them in two? They are of parts #308.

      The cars I bought are mainly box cars and unlike Marklin who has only
      one in
      different colors MT has lots of different models. Besides 40' and 50'
      are some with opening doors, some with double doors etc. Among the
      box cars I bought there are nine different models.

      I should also mention the trucks (boogies) that are correctly positioned
      are available in different types.; Bettendorf etc. You can buy them
      separately to modify Marklin cars but it becomes quite expensive.
      MT is much cheaper than Marklin.

      I also bought some MT track and it's absolutely the best looking Z track
      I've seen. The rails are thinner making it look not as clumsy as the
      And it's real flextrack you don't have to cut underneath. It is said to
      Marklin / Peco compatible but I have not tested yet.

      Now I only have to make the decision if I should get rid of those clumsy
      Marklin couplers and go MT all the way or just have different train

      So now you know Gunnar, and the rest of you. Go ahead! And you Gunnar
      live in Gothenburg, what they used to call "small America".

      BTW. The Loco-Boose Train Shop have the address: 260-D Main Street,
      City, CA 94063. Phone: (650) 368-1254, Fax: (650) 368-0590. No, I don't
      a contract with them ;-).

      Best regards,

      Jan Lowenberg / Sweden

      And if Anders doesn't deliver any weather report from Stockholm today
      tell you that it's a clear blue sky and about 25 C, definitely warmer
      in S.F.

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    • Lowenberg
      Hi Seba, I see why you stopped collecting; wrong couplers ;-). Sorry. Jan
      Message 2 of 6 , Sep 13, 1999
        Hi Seba,

        I see why you stopped collecting; wrong couplers ;-). Sorry.


        >From: Seba <sebastiano.garofalo@...>
        >To: z_scale@onelist.com
        >Subject: Re: [z_scale] MT in Europe?
        >Date: m�n 13 sep 1999 11.11

        > From: Seba <sebastiano.garofalo@...>
        > Hi all
        > I begun a small collection of Z MT scale about two years ago.
        > Now I'm selling all my Z american stuff in eBay.
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