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Re: [z_scale] Modern era

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  • de Champeaux Dominique
    ... Myself I received an answer, and beyond the tone style thank you very much for your suggestion.... MTL advised me of the futures releases, and that s why
    Message 1 of 9 , May 2, 2004
      > To those who are
      > e-mailing MTL, good luck (obviously you have time to
      > waste). I sent a
      > very polite e-mail suggesting that covered hoppers
      > would be a good
      > addition to their product line. I
      > never received the courtesy of a reply, not even a
      > short, "Thanks for your
      > thoughts and patronage."

      Myself I received an answer, and beyond the tone style
      "thank you very much for your suggestion...." MTL
      advised me of the futures releases, and that's why I
      had soon been aware of the Gunderson and the 3-level
      autorack (infortunately non-covered, but as soon as I
      have samples of it, my first research will be finding
      a way to put a "cover") that should be available by
      next summer. So I think no one should hesitate to
      write them...

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    • Reynard Wellman
      Hello Malcolm, Lajos and Bill K. Again, these problems with cost vs. volume have reared up on the board. Malcolm has a good point in demanding better
      Message 2 of 9 , May 2, 2004
        Hello Malcolm, Lajos and Bill K.

        Again, these problems with cost vs. volume have reared
        up on the board. Malcolm has a good point in demanding
        better contemporary railroad equipment and I believe that if we
        we are patient, we will see Z products that fill these needed
        billings. FR (Harald Fredenreich) has been doing a great
        job of filling some of these needs. Micro-Structures (Chris Miller)
        offered some of the first two bay hoppers as well.

        But there are so many epochs and railroad cars to cover.
        I believe PennZee, Marklin and especially Micro-Trains Line
        have been doing their best to provide a small market with
        various and fun products in Z scale at a reasonable price.
        Modeling scale replicas of real world items sometimes requires
        all the adventure of research, design and accomplishment
        we find in puttering around in our own workshops.

        "Off the shelf" finished items will always be the most cautiously
        considered by any manufacturer. I find it encouraging that
        recently there has be very little "duplication of effort" between
        these manufacturers, so each one will be offering products that
        are unique and will help widen our roster of railroad cars and
        ancillary equipment. But It requires staff and
        machinery, research and marketing to put those little items
        on the shelf. Eventually we will see some great new
        stuff pop up. Hang in there. Great Z scale stuff is being


        On Saturday, May 1, 2004, at 11:38 PM, Lajos Thek wrote:

        > --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, d.f.avila@a... wrote:
        > > How about a little input from anybody that is in the mold making /
        > NCC business.� $100,000 for a mold seems a little steep based upon
        > work I am familar with quite some time ago.�
        > According to Bill, the $100,000 included the cost of not ignorable
        > research and development, additional tooling, jigs, printing
        > setups,etc... For a new car design, you need an injection mold for
        > the shell, an additional mold for the frame, and a few small molds
        > for detail parts, so the cost of molds can reach the 65 - 70,000
        > range easily. When you have the perfect (I mean PERFECT) molds, you
        > still don't have the product yet. Additional steps required:
        > producing the parts, painting, printing, assembly, packaging,
        > marketing, distributing...
        > I have to conclude, Marklin, MT, FR, Pennzee deZerves our maximum
        > support, they're, proven, the real risk takers...
        > Lajos
        > "Z" WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE!� Highly addictive in Small
        > DoseZ!
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