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Re: Prices Prices....!#@$#@%%#@

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  • kim@blueneptune.com
    Hi, Folks, Regarding the photo etch I have done my research on it, if done the old fashioned way it does involves manual labor and more cost for small sizes.
    Message 1 of 12 , Nov 23, 2000
      Hi, Folks,

      Regarding the photo etch I have done my research on it, if done the
      old fashioned way it does involves manual labor and more cost for
      small sizes. Well technology has changed and changed a lot. The model
      manufactures still use the old fashioned way for PE (I guess).
      you have nothing to loose those of you who want in on this are not
      obligated to buy anything, it is just for me to get an idea of how
      much it will cost, I am going to advise you on the prices once my
      design is complete and more folks in, the less it is going to be.
      Any inputs on size also will be very useful to me.
      I going to buy some PE in HO and N scale and re-size them in CAD for
      Z scale. The most difficult part for me is to get them all in CAD,
      which I am working on right now.
      I normally dive into my hobbies head on and I have collected and made
      a great set of models in ships and high end cars but with Z scale I
      cant do it, and that is why I am going this route of manufacturing.
      You will never know till you do it.
      The few nice emails that I have received is encouraging enough for me
      to speed up.

      --- In z_scale@egroups.com, Reynard Wellman <micron@m...> wrote:
      > Hello Guys,
      > I gotta stop reading and responding to these dissertations, I'll go
      > But here it is and after this I'm gonna shut up for a while.
      > If you don't approach the making of all these fine parts from a
      > point of view, then your in for a lot of expensive disappointments.
      > Good quality photo-etching is not cheap, especially for Z scale.
      > customer base. N scale grew and has even caught up with HO scale
      > in sales because it was doable, the motors were available, the
      > and precision needed were tolerable. Not so with Z scale. The
      > are tighter, the details are minuscule and it will always be labor
      > to do Z scale stuff decently. I also visit the
      > N scale chat forums in "trainboard.com" and they complain about
      > $120.00 locomotives there. If they were $20.00 they'd wonder why
      > they weren't $10.00
      > All those items on the list below are being considered. I plan to
      > include a survey in Ztrack that will cover a wide array of Z scale
      > modeling demands. If this survey gives me sufficient data to justify
      > the investment in certain products, we will bring them to market.
      > I will have more time to do all this next year, because I'll be
      doing it
      > full time --- so a lot of this stuff is already in the hopper,
      > two bay. Just joking - we don't plan to build hoppers.
      > Reynard
      > bjkronen@a... wrote:
      > > Kim:
      > >
      > > > Well I plan to make my own photo etch parts
      > > > If I get enough response from you folks on what you would like
      to see
      > >
      > > Whhhoooooppppiiiiieeeee. Music to my ears. Count me in. I have
      > > locomotives to feed in my roundhouse, and 10 meters of Z-Bend
      Track modules
      > > to scenic.
      > >
      > > In order of hopes you can do them:
      > >
      > > 1st - Running gear for Marklin USA Mikados
      > > 2nd - Running gear for Marklin USA Pacifics
      > > 3rd - Real z scale ladders (long strips of them) for trackside
      > > buildings,etc.
      > > 4th - Windows, frames and doors (for application to scratch built
      > > buildings)
      > > 5th - Arms for a 1950's USA style crossing gate arm and sawbucks
      (parts exist
      > > for the motor box and vertical tube)
      > > 6th - Kit to convert a MT oil tanker into a oil tender (just the
      > > framework behind the loco, ladders and upper walkways).
      > > 7th - railing details for cement bridges (the bowling pins
      the upper
      > > and lower rails)
      > > 8th - railings for porches for houses, buildings
      > > 9th - Anything to add details to the non-descript Marklin
      > > boiler jacket and tender
      > >
      > > There is already a source for some types of fences. Go to the
      local RR shop
      > > and look at the various N scale roofwalks. Hold the etching
      vertical, and
      > > admire the fine details and $3 price. Now turn it 90 degrees.
      Poof ! Z
      > > scale wood fencing. Just bury the last long etch in your scenery
      and the
      > > short etches become "posts". <smile>
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > > Bill Kronenberger
      > > Houston
      > >
      > >
      > > "Z" WARNING! HANDLE WITH CARE! Highly addictive in Small DoseZ!
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